The Keto diet has a few quirks that take some getting used to. Many of the foods we have been told all our lives are good for us….aren’t. At least they aren’t good for the Keto diet.

It’s not like you will die or anything. It’s just that they don’t help you get in or stay in Ketosis.

Like all information of this type, if you aren’t doing Keto, then eat what you like.

But I have found that, if you want to stay in ketosis, you have to be ruthless. Cheating can knock you out Keto so fast your head will spin. Our theory is to be super exact with counting your macros and stick to the program. (or use our pre planned, 30 day system so you don’t have to do all the figuring and counting. Find it at RockThatKeto.Com )

Here are some of the no no’s. Sorry if they are in your list of favorites.

Halo Top Ice Cream

It is presented as the best ice cream for those on a diet. But as of today, it is still ice cream with all the wrong levels of ingredients in all the wrong places. There are up to 28 grams of sugar and carbs in a pint. We really want to cut out any form of sugar. Carbs already turn into sugar in the body. Why would we add real sugar?

Low-fat Cheese

We have had it drummed into us, “Low Fat is best!”  It’s actually the opposite when you are doing Keto.  You want the fat, you need the fat.

Also, low fat cheeses are more likely to be altered or have other impure ingredients. The fat makes you feel full and helps you stay on the diet.  Ditch low fat.


Grapes have been presented as one of the fruits that do everything for your health. Outside of ketosis, that may be true. The problem is they are super high carb.  Plums or Kiwis are much lower in carbs, about 9 grams. But that is still half your daily 20 gram limit. So be careful with fruit in general.


Again, it’s lower fat. But in our new Keto world, we want the fat. Also again, it will be made of a bunch of ingredients, whereas full fat butter is just what it says with no processed ingredients  added. Keeping your ingredients pure will help your body handle all the changes as you lose weight. You don’t need to add artificial ingredients when your liver is handling the detox of weight loss.


Potatoes are starch. As far as the body is concerned, starch  is the same thing as carbs. Start experimenting with Cauliflower. You can make rice out of it. It can be used in place of potatoes in many places. If you ever can’t resist, try to have a sweet potato instead. They contain far less carbs.

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