Keto Diet Simple Explanation

Here’s a quick and simple explanation of the Keto Diet.

You have to eat your food in approximately the following proportions:

Carbs – 20 grams per day

Protein – About 25% of calories per day

Fats (healthy fats) – 70% to 80% of calories per day

Before you start with the questions, this is a very general explanation. You will end up moving these numbers around a little depending on your age, weight, health, etc.

The term “Macronutrient”, or “macros”, is the lingo we use. Carbs, protein, and fats are the macronutrients that food can be divided into. So you may hear phrases “Count your macros”, or “Change your macros”. It means to be aware of the different amounts of each type of nutrients you put into your body.

You can’t take raw natural oil right out of the ground and put it in the gas tank of your car and expect the car to work. You have to refine the oil into gasoline first.  The body makes energy by converting food into a usable form for the cells to “burn” to make energy.

Carbs turn into sugar in the blood pretty quickly. On a normal diet with lots of carbs, you will have lots of sugar in your bloodstream. Over time, the body gets used to having lots of easy to burn sugar to use for energy.

It sounds like a good idea, except it will create lots of health problems over time. It’s also why regular diets rarely work. You are eating less, but the body won’t burn away your fat because it isn’t conditioned to.  Your body is only looking for sugars to get energy.

If you are not in Ketosis, and your blood runs out of sugar, you won’t burn fat. Instead, the body will do naughty things like burning muscle cells for energy!  Not good. You lose muscle, and keep the fat. The worst of both worlds.

We want to make the body become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner.

By lowering the carbs to 20 – 25 grams or so per day, the body will eventually burn or use up all the sugar in the blood stream.  Then it will have to start using the other nutrients you put in…protein and fats. Once it starts burning fat for energy, pounds and inches will seem to melt away like magic.

This is what is called the “State of Ketosis”. The body has started to burn fat for energy instead of sugars. Getting into, and staying in Ketosis is the Holy Grail.

There are lots of little details to this diet, but this is the basic primer. If you would like it to be made simple for you, check out my free website Https:// . There you will find bunches of recipes, tips, and even a totally “done for you” 30 day plan.

Have a Healthy, Happy Day.



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