When you are trying to get yourself to change into a Keto diet/lifestyle, the first rule I like is “Keep it Simple”.  Especially at work, there is a lot of stress. Simplicity of meals will make it mentally easier on you. Obviously, it will create less work and stress around creating the meals.

A vegetable, a fat, and a meat is the simplest of all.

Make sure you always check ingredients in lunch meats and any kind of processed cheese. Many of these have lots of ingredients and can hide sugars and other non Keto no-no’s. The more flavors it has, the more likely it will be a problem. Honey Baked Ham may taste great, but that’s because of all the sugars and carbs in it.

  1. Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps –

Ingredients – Make a hamburger patty

Lettuce – cheese slice (check ingredients) – tomato

. This next part depends on how much time you have at work. If you have an available microwave at work, then leave the meat separate from the rest.

Melt the cheese on the burger patty. Put on the veggies, some salt, then wrap the lettuce leaves around burger. The lettuce takes the place of the bun and gives lots of satisfying crunchiness.

  1. Chicken Enchilada Bowl

Can be prepped ahead and frozen. Cook chicken in a dutch oven with coconut oil, enchilada sauce, some onion and a few green chilis, if you want to spice it up. Cook until chicken is tender and fully cooked through. Take chicken out and and chop or shred. Put it back into the post and simmer 10 more minutes to absorb the flavors.

Serve in a bowl with avocado, cheese, jalapeno, sour cream, tomato.  Can be heated up in the microwave at work.

  1. Cobb Egg Salad

Simply put all these ingredients in a bowl, side by side. Then mix on your fork.

Chopped, hard boiled eggs.

Bacon pieces

Diced grape tomatoes

shredded cheddar cheese

crumbled blue cheese

Big glop of Mayo in the middle

You can add dry ranch dressing mix as a sprinkle.

That’s it!  If you want more free tips and recipes than you can shake a celery stick at, go to my website at RockThatKeto.com. Keto problems? We can help with that.

Have a Healthy Day in every Way.


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