4 More Keto Refrigerator Must Haves


Yesterday we gave 4 vital foods to have in a keto refrigerator. Because when you need something fast, the worst thing for your diet is to be banging around the kitchen with nothing to eat and no plan.

Planning is one of the things that separates successful Keto dieters from others.

One of the purposes of planning is to prevent the day when you are really hungry, you have no time to make anything, and there is nothing there.

Bad things can happen.  Eating things. Carbohydrate things. Things we don’t want to happen.

So here are 4 More Keto Refrigerator Must Haves.


5. Eggs.


Use them in baking, as snacks, or for breakfast.  They can be made fast and easy if you are in need. You can keep some already boiled for emergency or pre planned snacks. They are a complete protein.


6. Bacon.

You know,  I heard somewhere that people really like bacon 🙂  In addition to eating it as part of your meal, you can add it to all kinds of dishes to spice up the flavors. You can also keep the grease to add to other cooked foods.

Let’s face it, everything is better with bacon…in the proper amounts.   Now continuing with 4 More Keto Refrigerator Must Haves…


7. Chopped Veggies.

Get all the washing, slicing, chopping, done ahead of time. The thought of all the prep that veggies take can be a mental block when you go to make a meal. If they are all done ahead of time, it let's you be creative in the moment, instead of feeling dread to go through the whole process.  Cauliflower, onion, bell pepper, celery, broccolli are all great for prepping ahead of time.  Keep it in containers, ready to grab. It makes for easy snacking,  and to make snacks as the kids run out the door.


8. Blueberries, Blackberries

These are one of the few fruits that work with keto. They go great  added in with desserts. Also they make great smoothies. Don't wash them ahead of time because they may get moldy. Do have an easy system to wash the ones you are going to eat. Have the strainer or colander handy.


That’s 4 More Keto Refrigerator Must Haves for your eating pleasure. That’s a fridge loaded and ready to ride on your keto journey. Keto on!

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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