4 Things Your Keto Fridge Should Have

Your refrigerator should be a happy surprise box for you.

When you are on the keto diet you need a place that will never let you down.

A place where you can get help in times of need. You might need a pick me up. Or a little something to get your through a rough patch.

Your refrigerator, and your entire kitchen need to be set up to support your keto journey, not to undermine it.

So what are some of the things you might want to keep in your magical refrigerator to help you through the challenge of weight loss?


Here is the list of 4 Things Your Keto Fridge Should Have.


Just have them in there, because when you need them, it may be too late to go find them.

  1. Protein, precooked and ready to eat.  Ground meat is very good for this. It can be thrown in Tacos on a moment's notice.

Grilled chicken strips can be used in all kinds of dishes. They are often thrown on top of a salad, another easy to make meal. Or they can be eaten straight as a snack or to hold you over.


  1. Leafy green Vegetables.  Spinach. Spring Mix.  Either get the pre washed ones or prewash yourself so you can grab and go.  They go great in a smoothie. Swiss Chard is super good, and it sautes well with butter or olive oil. Kale may or may not be good for you, depending on a certain gene. If Kale makes you feel lousy, stop eating it, there’s a reason.


  1. Grass Fed butter – filled with CLA/s fatty acid.  Great for bone health.  Butter has so many great benefits, we did a whole episode on it. Heavy Whipping Cream of course.  You can use it to make sauces, use it in recipes and do whipped cream with berries as a dessert. Whipping cream in your coffee is a match made in energy heaven.


  1. Avocado.  Of course you don’t put avocados in the fridge until they are ripe. But when they are, you can keep them ripe and ready for many days. They can be frozen too, if you scoop them out of the peel!   Avocados are 75% fat.  You can add them to smoothies or make guacamole, which has got to be one of the great keto dishes of all time. You can put a fried egg in the scooped out spot.


A refrigerator is not much good unless it’s loaded. It needs to be loaded with support.


Keto support. Foods that will HELP us on our keto journey, and not hurt us, or set us back.

When we open the refrigerator, it should seem like a wonderland. It should be like a child going to Disneyland. All the choices, all the fun things.

But mainly, it needs to automatically support us, and not contain hidden obstacles. Next time, the other 4 Things Your Keto Fridge Should Have.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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