4 Common Keto Low Carb Mistakes

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4 Common Keto Low Carb Mistakes

Keto works, keto rocks. However, it only works when you stay in the boundary lines.

There seems to be a human nature thing where we drift away from things. We start all gung ho, then start slipping.

That’s what we humans deal with in all aspects of life.

On the keto diet, you may find that you are able to start just fine. But then, when various challenges happen you start drifting.

The challenges can be in the form of events in your life, or inside your body as you go through the changes that keto brings.

It helps to have the “rules” in written form, so you can refer back to them as you need to.

Here are 4 Common Keto Low Carb Mistakes


1. Eating too much protein.


Many people mistake keto for a high protein diet. It is not. It is a “correct amount” protein diet.

The right amount of protein helps keep you from feeling hungry, and helps with fat burning.

But, when you eat more than your body needs, the extra can actually be turned into glucose (sugar). Yikes. No thanks.

It can knock you out of ketosis, or prevent you from getting into it.

Follow the plan. High fat, moderate protein.


2. Not Keeping Sodium Levels High Enough


One side effect of burning fat cells, is that the body dumps salt, or sodium. When you don’t replace that sodium, you will get symptoms of low electrolytes.

Fatigue, dizziness, light headedness, and sometimes constipation will be problems from this. One of the most common enema formulas is salty water. If you are short of salt the intestines won’t be fully functional.

Happily, keto likes salt! Add it to your food. Don’t be shy. If you need more, you can sip on broth during the day. Also, you might want to add keto friendly electrolytes to help stave off these symptoms.


3. Being afraid of eating fat.


One of the hardest parts of keto is believing eating fat will help you lose fat. It doesn’t seem to make sense, and being anti-fat has been drilled into us our whole lives.

As long as you mostly eat healthy fats you will be good. Batches of fried food, maybe not so much. Go ahead and choose the fatty cuts of meat. Add fat rich foods to the meals.

70% of your calories should come from fats.


  1. Giving Up Too Soon


It takes some time for your body to switch from sugar burning to fat burning. There is an immediate period in the first week that is not the most pleasant. Sometimes people get the “keto flu” during this stretch.

Then it takes some weeks to get the body switched over to fat burning completely.

You will get there. Don’t give up too soon. On the other side of that mountain is the valley of health. It’s fun there. It’s nice there. You will like it, but you can’t give up too soon.

These are the 4 Common Keto Low Carb Mistakes. Write them down and put them on your fridge. You can do this. Keto On!


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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