Keto Carbs and Net Carbs

Keto Carbs and Net Carbs

When you are talking about how to make keto work, it may seem like carbs are always front and center.

Actually, all three of the macros are very important to keep in balance. But yes, carbs are the single thing that can knock you out of keto almost instantly.

You can have too much or too little fat and protein on keto. Either of those can change how keto works, and might cause you to stop weight loss. But they change you slowly.

Carbs change you fast. Carbs can ruin weeks of work keeping your macros straight.


The way you count carbs needs to stay steady.


When you start keto, you can decide to count your carbs either way…total carbs or net carbs.

Total carbs counts the entire amount of carbs in a food, including fiber.

For instance, celery has a lot of fiber. You know that stuff as you chew celery that really doesn’t dissolve?  It’s more related to string than food. That fiber can’t be absorbed by your body.

Because of this, many keto dieters don’t count fiber when they count carbs. This is a perfectly acceptable way to do it.

Our recommendation for people who want to lose weight fast, is 20 to 25 grams of carb per day.

That is a lower number than other versions of keto. That’s because the theory is you want to get into keto quickly.  Once you get your fat burning to kick in, you have more options.


Is easy to pop OUT of keto, not so easy to get into keto.


When it comes to keto carbs and net carbs, my recommendation is to count total carbs from the beginning. You will see faster results. After that, everything else will be more in your control.

Once you are in ketosis and losing weight, then you have more leeway to experiment with carb counting.

Always, always change things slowly if you are in ketosis. Don’t go from 20 carbs a day to 50 (unless your doctor says to). Some people do need more carbs because of genetics, and that’s fine. But still, if you need to, increase the carbs gradually.

Then, if you stop losing weight, you can lower them again without jeopardizing your state of ketosis.

To recap: I recommend that you count carbs as total carbs in most cases. When you are eating super high quality carbs, like leafy greens or celery, it’s less important. But for high calorie items, like nuts, use total carbs.

Keto carbs and net carbs get people confused, but you don’t need to be. If you are ever confused, just go with total carbs.

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