Bloating On Keto

Bloating On Keto


This is a common problem.  Not only on keto, but for people on any diet.

So really we are looking for causes of bloating, not just from keto, but in general.

Here are some reasons you could be bloating. Some of these are common and simple, some are very rare and more complicated. So please don’t get worried.

You, like 99% of people, probably fall into the ‘simple reasons’ category.


The Main Causes


  1. Simple insulin spikes make internal fat. That is fat inside the stomach muscles, instead of under the skin.


  1. Liver problems. Again, don’t get excited. This is pretty rare and unusual. It is just to give you something to check as a last resort.


  1. Cortisol:  This is more common. Cortisol is a hormone that secrets  under stress. It awakens the fight or flight response in the body.  This can make your body raise insulin levels and start storing food as visceral (internal) fat.   If you have stress and anxiety a lot, this could be a contributor.


Fiber, This is a Big One


  1. Fiber.  The wrong kind of fiber, and or too much fiber can cause bloating on Keto. Getting the fiber balance right takes some study and some trial and error.  For example, you might not do well with the broccoli, cauliflower family of vegetables, while the person next to you is fine with it. This is very much an individual thing that you have to find out by trying different foods.


If you have too little fiber, you might have trouble with moving your bowels. That can cause bloating.


  1. Frequent eating.  One of the worst myths about eating is that eating small amounts of food more often is good. It just isn’t.  If you have certain blood sugar problems, you might need to put something into your system more often. But it shouldn’t be a meal.   We want to eat less frequently so the body can do its job and balance all the hormones.


  1. SIBO   This is when the gut bacteria that should be in the large intestine comes up into the small intestine. It causes lots of bloating and gas problems. There are ways to correct this, and this is another less common problem to check after you try the others.


Now You Have Somewhere to Start


This list can give you an idea of where to start looking for your bloating problem.

Bloating on Keto is fairly common, but usually can be fixed simply by knowing what to look for and then changing a few things.

We will go into some of these problems in other episodes.


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Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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