3 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help

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3 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help


Many of our health problems in life can be tied back to our diet.

Some people say ALL our health issues are from diet. That’s mostly true.

Lately, with the advent of DNA testing, we are finding that sometimes it’s in the genes. If we have a genetic problem, it may not be totally preventable through diet.

However, there’s a big difference between having a problem and being completely helpless about it.

There can be lots of in between having a health issue, and having it overwhelm you. Many health conditions are manageable with diet.


That’s where keto comes in.


Keto is being studied and found to at least help in many situations. Last time, we talked about Cancer, Autism, Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome.

Today, we’ll look at findings on other conditions. This is NOT medical advice of any kind. I am passing along the areas of research that show promise. Always work with your doctor, especially if you have a serious health issue.


1.  Epilepsy


This is the original reason the keto diet was discovered. Many people with Epilepsy can’t tolerate the anti seizure drugs that are available. In the most well known studies, they used a 4 to 1 ratio diet. That’s 4 times as much fat as protein and carbs combined.

Researchers found that even in children (older than 2 years) who tried the diet, 65% had improved brain function, even if their seizures didn’t improve. It was good for them either way.


2.  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  PCOS


This is a health problem with hormonal dysfunction that many times means infertility and irregular periods.

Many women who have this, also have insulin resistance. That means a very hard time losing weight. There may be other hormone related issues like facial hair and acne.

This is another problem that has been reported to be helped by keto.

Ketosis depends on  hormonal balance. If the diet helps hormonal balance, it should automatically help any hormonal imbalance.


And last on our list of 3 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help


3. Parkinson’s Disease


PD is a nervous system problem that happens because of low levels of the signaling molecule, dopamine.

When you lack dopamine, you can have trouble standing or sitting straight, stiffness, problems with walking, tremors, and trouble writing.

Keto is being explored as complementary therapy for this disease. The high fat nature of keto makes it ideal to help protect nerves from damage. That in turn helps motor function.

I never tell people their diet is all they need, and to ignore doctors.  I don’t think that’s smart.

Everything is here for a reason, including modern medicine.


You might know more than your doctor about diet, but your doctor knows their area. So feel free to experiment with your diet in consultation with medical professionals.

That’s the list of 3 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help. There are actually a lot more. A good diet pretty much helps everything. You just have to do it.

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