4 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help

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4 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help

This is part 3 of a series on medical conditions that might be helped with the Keto diet.

This is not medical advice. This is for information only. Studies are ongoing in these areas and you should do your own research if you are dealing with any of these.

There are few medical conditions where you aren’t free to experiment with your diet.  There are some, most notably chemotherapy. That therapy depends on lowering your immunity so the drugs can kill the cancer cells.

So always check with your doctor to make sure if your diet will interfere in any way.

Previously we have covered the beneficial effects of keto on Cancer, Metabolic syndrome, Parkinsons, Epilepsy, PCOS, Diabetes, Autism, and obviously obesity.

So here are 4 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help.


  1. Traumatic Brain Injury


TBI can have terrible effects on memory, physical motor skills, and personality.  It is most common from a blow to the head from a car accident or fall. Many military veterans suffer from it because of explosions and other causes.


Sometimes TBI messes up the body’s ability to metabolize sugar correctly.  Because keto is an anti inflammatory diet, it may be highly beneficial immediately following the injury to prevent damage from brain swelling.


Studies are ongoing.


  1. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease


This is the most common liver disease in the western part of the planet.


It is linked to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, 3 of the main reasons people do the keto diet in the first place.


In studies there was significant improvement in all areas of concern with this problem.  Some people completely got rid of the problem by doing keto.


  1. Alzheimer’s Disease


In animal studies, the keto diet helped with brain function, but didn’t help get rid of the ‘plaque’ that forms on the brain.


However, when MCT oil was added to the diet to increase ketone levels, the plaque appeared to reduce.


The keto diet with MCT oil added showed actual improvement in the study.


This disease is a clear case where trying the diet can’t hurt because currently there are no treatments for Alzheimers.  I highly recommend trying it to see if it helps, but I’m not a doctor, so keep that in mind.


  1. Multiple sclerosis or MS


MS leads to damage of the protective covering of nerves. That makes it hard for signals from the brain to make it to the body. So people have numbness, balance, vision and memory problems.


This disease is also linked to the cells having reduced ability to utilize sugar for energy. The keto diet provides the body with an alternate source of energy. Once the body adjust to using fat for energy, the whole system adjusts and is able to function without sugar dependence.


In going through these 4 More Health Conditions That Keto Can Help, we see that there are no claims of cures.


We are only trying to create a change of environment inside the body. Then the body may be able to partially repair itself, or at least stop getting worse.  It’s worth a try.


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