Why Am I Bloated?

There are several reasons, but the most common is what we are discussing today.

Whether you are on the Keto diet or not, you may have the experience of being ‘bloated”.

It is a really uncomfortable feeling, and it makes us look much bigger, or fatter than we really are.

There is bloating that happens over many parts of the body.  That type has more to do with retaining water.  Then there is stomach bloating. It makes you look like you just swallowed a beach ball.

I dealt with stomach bloating for years. I ignored it for years. It nearly cost me my life.


My stomach bloating was from eating foods my body couldn’t digest. My body wanted nothing to do with those foods.

Don't Ignore Your Body!

I kept ignoring my body, because my brain said it was OK!  What?  Why would your brain do that?

I’ll tell you why. I was told all my life that this food was good for me. The food?  Whole wheat. (Also soy, but I didn’t start eating soy products until my twenties.)

Yes, when I would eat anything with wheat (or soy), my stomach would shoot out like I had a basketball in there.  I would look at it and wonder why it was doing that. But my mind would say “Whole wheat is really good for you, or so I’ve been told, so it can’t be that.”

The problem is, I was gluten sensitive. So when I would eat something with gluten, my body would literally try to get away from it. It was that toxic.

I eventually was very sick and losing a pound every day!  I know, that sounds wonderful and exciting if you are desperate to lose weight. But I couldn’t stop it, and I would have kept going until I died.  I also felt horrible in ways you don’t want to know about.

This was right before gluten became a well known problem. Luckily, after going through 30 different healers from all sides, natural and allopathic,  I found a clinic where they knew what it was. I improved from that day on by changing my diet.

Why Keto Takes Care of It

Keto leaves out grains completely. So right there, you will probably find a lot of strange health problems disappear when you are on this diet.

To find out why you are bloating, if it is from food, you have to experiment. You have to take charge. You can’t just say “Well, the government food pyramid says this!”

Forget what the government, or anyone else says. What does YOUR body say. You might be allergic to certain foods that the average person isn’t.

How do you figure it out?

Start keeping a food diary. There are nice free apps for this, or you can use good old fashioned paper in a small notebook.

Keep track of everything you eat. See if you bloat after. Then, by elimination, you take things out until you don’t bloat.  I would bloat just from Soy Sauce!  The entire meal could be good for me, but Soy Sauce would make it toxic to me.

So when I say check everything, I mean every little thing.

It seems like a lot of work, but it’s a one time deal. Once you know what works for you, you will be clear for a non bloated life.

Then you will feel and look a whole lot better. And isn’t that the idea for doing Keto in the first place?

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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