What Does Ketosis Feel Like

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What Does Ketosis Feel Like?

Or another way to ask this question is “What do I feel like once I get into Ketosis”, or “Is there a way to tell when I’m in ketosis, just by how I feel?”.

One way you can tell is when you start losing weight, almost like magic. OK, that’s not a feeling.

That’s a result you can measure.

However, sometimes you are in ketosis and your body will start converting fat to muscle. Your weight may not change for periods of time. But your measurements may change as your waist gets smaller.

These are called Non Scale Victories or NSV’s. They are extremely important, and they are one way to tell you are in ketosis.


So let’s go back to “what does ketosis feel like?”


There are two parts to this answer.

There’s a period where you are going into ketosis where you have the symptoms.

These symptoms are temporary. Some of them aren’t that pleasant, but they are all just passing through.

You might have strange breath, headaches, keto flu, and other symptoms as your body switches away from burning sugar for energy.

Once you are in ketosis for a couple of weeks, what does that feel like?

It depends on each individual of course. But in general, people start to feel very good.


What Does Ketosis Feel Like?


  1. People start to have mental clarity that they have not had in years if ever.  People start to have mental energy which allows you to accomplish things.

Many times we don’t get things done because we just can’t figure out how to get the energy. Your mental energy has a lot to do with your physical energy.

The brain runs on energy. If you change your body into fat burning, then the brain won’t run out of fuel.


  1. Many people report they have much more physical energy and stamina once they get into ketosis.


And not just because they are losing weight. The overload of carbs that most people deal with is very taxing on the organs. When the body is actually fighting against the food, the lousy diet, you are eating, there is little energy left for the extras. Extras like getting exercise to feel better.


  1. Ketosis feels like magic. Weight is under control. The scale and the measuring tape become your best friends.


Getting into ketosis is the trick. That’s where the battle is. Once you are there, it’s a new life. But nothing that’s worthwhile is free or easy. It takes effort to find out “what does ketosis feel like?”.

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