How Can I Tell I'm In Ketosis pt 2


Yesterday, I talked about the symptoms of being in ketosis.  People get anxious and want to know if they are in ketosis.

So they will buy blood meters or urine strips to measure ketones in their blood.

The urine strips are really inaccurate and therefore useless. The meters that have you prick your finger for blood, are much more accurate.

However, you can just watch your body and tell when you are in the ketosis zone.

Yesterday's episode described the symptoms that are less desirable. Even though they tell you that you are on the right track. Things like keto flu, headaches, digestive problems, etc.

It All About The Rewards

Today is all about the rewards. When you get to the really good stuff. Here is the fun answer to ‘How can I tell I’m in ketosis?.


1 .  Reduced appetite.  If you have made it into ketosis,  you are going to start feeling satisfied with your meals, and not always needing to eat. Always wanting to eat is a sign of sugar or carb craving.

When you hit ketosis, you are no longer getting insulin spikes after eating a bunch of carbs

Your system can now access the body fat, the stuff you already have plenty of, for energy.

You will not be so dependent on food for energy.

All that fat that you wanted to get rid of becomes the fuel to run your body.  Once you run out of body fat, you actually have to start eating more to keep from losing weight!  Won’t that be a wonderful day!

2 . You will experience improved mental clarity.  It's such a nice feeling to have your mind clear and working. It would be worth doing Keto just for this, even if you leave out the weight loss. You will get so much more done, and enjoy doing it. Ketones are the absolute best source of energy for the brain to keep you steady.

3 . Increased Physical energy levels.  You never have to depend on sugar spikes to get some temporary energy. Your body has everything it needs right in your system…fat. It can burn it steadily all day and night.

Your sleep will level out and become deeper and more refreshing. Everything seems to work how it’s supposed to.

Weight Loss, the Holy Grail

4 . Weight loss. the reason you probably started in the first place. You will start losing weight. That’s how you will know you are in ketosis.  Then you don't need to check with meters. The fact you are losing weight is the evidence that you are there.


5 . Losing inches without weight loss.  AHA. Sometimes the scale can lie. Your body can be reforming into a slimmer, firmer, version and still weigh the same. We call these Non Scale Victories, or NSVs. Your measurements change dramatically, while fat turns to muscle. You can be the same weight, but look very different.

Even when you hit those temporary plateaus with your weight, your body will keep changing and firming up. You will just look and feel so much better.

How can I tell I’m in Ketosis? By all the amazing wonderful changes for the better. You’ll know.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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