The First 10 Days of Keto

The First 10 Days of Keto – What to Expect

We’ve been discussing the Catch-22 of keto when you first start out.

But it’s not really any different than any accomplishment in life that is worthwhile…it takes effort and you will be tested.

Keto makes your body completely change how it gets it’s energy, from sugar to burning the fat right off your midsection. For an almost miraculous diet to work so well, there has to be a period of adjustment.

There will be some symptoms at first. If you are prepared, you will be fine. If you know they are coming, you can deal with them instead of worrying if you have a disease. You don’t have a disease. Your body is adjusting.

Usually, you might have mental fogginess, decreased stamina, mild digestive issues, and general flu like symptoms, called ‘Keto flu’.

Don’t give up. You will get through. Here are some helpful hints.


1. Mental Fog


Usually, you will feel pretty decent the first couple of days. Then, mental and physical fog can set in. You are spaced out, forget what you are doing, stare at the wall.

Your brain is used to using sugar (glycogen) for fuel. In the first few days of keto, your brain will run off residual sugar still left in the system.

Around one to two weeks into the keto diet, your brain will switch to using ketones for fuel. When that happens you get all your mental energy back, plus a huge new bonus. The brain loves to run on ketones. You just have to get there.

If you don’t have any major health issues (check with your doctor), you can speed up this whole process by starting with:

a: intermittent fasting. Try not eating from dinner until lunch the next day. It will speed up your transition to ketosis.

b: Exercise. It forces the body into using the new fuel source…fat.

c: Take MCTs . They will help flood the body with ketones and speed the process.

d: Eat more low carb veggies. Green leafy vegetables work best.


2. Digestive Issues


In the first 10 days of keto, this can go either way, constipation or diarrhea. Either way, it’s not a big deal.

It’s not eating too much meat or fat that causes this, no matter what your friend/relative/nosy neighbor tells you.

If you have loose stools, it can be from high water excretion. Make sure you stay hydrated with water and electrolytes. Make sure to add electrolytes to your water, and you can sip on broth all day. You lose a lot of electrolytes at first on keto, so replenish them with your water.

Also, use salt on your food.

Eat more low carb veggies to help regulate your bowels. This helps with both ends of the spectrum of loose or hard.


3.  Decrease in Strength and Endurance


This doesn’t affect everyone, so you may not have to deal with it.

It is something you will really notice if you are a fitness type.

Your muscles will go through the same Catch 22 as your brain. They are used to running on sugar. The muscles can adapt pretty quickly, but that still might be a month.

Here are a couple of things to try:

a: Make sure you are getting enough protein…not too much…but enough.

b: Change your exercise routine to a lighter load temporarily. Shorter duration exercises. Exercise does help to force the body to use fat, so it is a good thing. Just be aware of your lowered endurance for a period of time.

c: Eat your vegetables. Parts of keto are adjustable. If you are a big physical fitness buff, you can probably have more high quality carbs. You can experiment with it.


That’s an idea what to expect from the first 10 days of keto.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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