Keto Acronyms, Terms, and Abbreviations

Keto Acronyms Terms and Abbreviations

If you are new to Keto, you have probably been on a FB group or somewhere and run into these abbreviations.

You ask yourself “What the heck do those abbreviations mean?”  NSV? IIFYM?

“Am I missing something important?”


Here’s a list of the most common Keto Acronyms Terms and Abbreviations.


  1. The most common I see is NSV. It stands for “Non Scale Victory”. The best example of this is when you don’t lose weight but you lose inches!  This happens because your body changes from fat to firm. You look noticeably better, even though the scale says the same.


Your blood work from your doctor may show you are getting younger. Your sleep may be getting better. There are a whole bunch of NSV’s in Keto.


Don’t live in the scale, it’s not real life. How do you look and feel?


  1. IF  Intermittent fasting. This is quite often part of the keto lifestyle. It’s probably the easiest way to boost your metabolism.


  1. OMAD –  One meal a day. This is a form of Intermittent fasting. You go longer and longer between meals until you get to one meal each day until you hit your target weight.


  1. WOE – Way of Eating.  It’s like when you say “way of life”. This Way Of Eating is a lifestyle. It’s not meant to be a fad. You can make it permanent for the health benefits.


  1. BPC – Bulletproof coffee.  This is a brand name that has become generalized like Kleenex means tissue paper.  It is coffee with MCT oil and butter added. You can look up the recipe online.  Lot’s of ketoists use it because it provides fat and is really good for the brain.


  1. HWC – Heavy Whipping Cream. this is used a lot in keto. Regular and skim milk are NOT cool in keto. But HWC is good because it is high fat with no sugars or carbs. Great on top of your coffee.


  1. MCT oil: Medium-chain triglycerides. This is an oil that does two important things. It helps your brain. The brain needs fat to function properly. MCT goes straight to the brain.

The other thing it does is help your body get into ketosis, to start the fat burning process quicker and better.


This one is in the controversy department


  1. IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros   This is usually by people who don’t care what the food is, as long as it fits within the macros. In other words, it can be junk food, as long as  you stay within your macros.


  1. Macros – Macronutrients.  This is the very heart of keto. Keeping the correct balance of the three macronutrients: Protein, Fats, Carbs.


  1. LCHF/HFLC –  low carb high fat or high fat low carb


  1. BHB – beta-hydroxybutyrate.  This is one of the ketones when you do fasting or the keto diet. It is super beneficial to the body and brain.


  1. TDEE  –  Total Daily Energy Expenditure. The amount of energy you burn each day in calories.


That’s the main list of Keto Acronyms Terms and Abbreviations. Once you know what they are, they will become part of your language quickly.


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Act! Don’t React!


Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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