Sweet Keto Snacks at Walmart

Sweet Keto Snacks at Walmart

A short post today.

Ok, sometimes you just gotta have a keto dessert.

Luckily, there are more and more options daily. New products come out all the time to serve the keto market.

Sweeteners that don’t activate the sugar/carb response in the body have to be in the ingredient list.


These include


  1. Stevia
  2. Pure Liquid Sucralose (powder is a problem)
  3. Erythritol  (Swerve)
  4. Xylitol
  5. Monk fruit
  6. Tagatose
  7. Allulose


If it has other sweeteners, then maybe pass.


Here is what we found at Walmart that should work for you.


  1. Quest Birthday Cake Flavored Protein Bar
  2. Slim Fast Keto Fat Bombs Caramel Cup
  3. Sugar Free Jello
  4. Lenny and Larry’s Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie
  5. Slim Fast Keto Fat Bombs Mint Chocolate Chip cup
  6. Quest Chocolate Chip Cookies


That’s it for the Sweet keto snacks at Walmart. If you are on the run, or know you are going to be out, Walmart is there.

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Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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