I know, all you have heard is that we must watch our salt intake. And it is true if you have certain health problems, there may be good reasons to have low salt intake.

Many have high sodium – potassium ratio problems. Because of the high carbohydrate diet most people have, they have naturally higher insulin levels. Your kidneys are being affected in a way that leads to higher sodium in the blood.

Once you get into ketosis however, you will have naturally lower insulin levels, so then the kidneys will get rid of a lot more salt through the urine. It means you will need to add more salt into your diet to keep your salt levels up to the correct level.

Having enough salt in your diet will keep your electrolyte levels in better balance. That will help you feel and function at a much higher level.

I love it personally. I love salt.

When you are on the Keto diet you need more salt than when you were on high carbs.

Big note: I don’t recommend the regular salt we mostly eat. Look for Himalayan pink salt, or my favorite,  “Real Salt”. “Real Salt”  is a brand name. Look for it in natural food stores or online. These brands of salt are from old ocean beds. They  contain lots of minerals in addition to salt, making it more like what you might get in your food naturally.

There are other ways to get your salt besides sprinkling it on your food. You can get it right inside certain foods. This form is really best. The body loves it and is able to handle it in a much more natural way.

You can drink broth during the day. Bone broth is really good. If you are vegetarian, there are vegetable based broths.

Another technique is to add a teeny sprinkle into your drinking water. It makes the water function sort of like gatorade in the way it replenishes the electrolytes in the body.

Eat celery and cucumber which are low carb and have natural sodium content.

Consider having salted pumpkin seeds and macadamia nuts as part of your diet.

If you are really adventurous, try adding sea vegetables like Kelp and Nori to your food. You may not like them alone, but you can add them into other recipes. Try it, you might like it.

Like everything in life, one size doesn’t fit all. If you are on a bad diet and your sodium levels are high, listen to your doctor.  But if you are a Keto warrior, salt is probably a necessary, helpful addition.

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