Getting into Ketosis can be difficult with high stress levels. There is a kind of catch-22 with lowering stress, especially when you first start trying to get healthy.

A lousy diet will tend to make your body more stressed. When the cells are all begging for help at once, even your brain chemicals will be off. Then you will feel stress even when there is no reason for the stress.

I had this exact problem for years. I had strange feelings of anxiety and even started having panic attacks. Yet while this was happening, my life was going fine. There were no big problems. That was one of the clues that eventually led me to figure out that diet was at the root of my health problems.

For getting the body into ketosis, chronic stress will hinder your body from entering into it. Why? Stress makes your body secrete a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol raises your blood sugar levels. Remember, your body won’t start burning fat for energy until all the sugar has passed from your bloodstream.

As long as your Cortisol levels are high, ketosis will be hard to get into.

Some might say to wait until your stress is under control to start the diet. Maybe. But what if your diet and health are the cause of the stress. You will just get worse and worse while you are waiting.

If you go ahead and start, your body might take a little longer to get into ketosis. But once your body gets going you will feel much better much faster.

Another great effect with Keto is that you can lose inches even if you don’t lose weight! I know it doesn’t seem to make sense, but there are hundreds of thousands of people who have seen this happen to them.

So try to lower stress by getting lots of sleep, do relaxing things like meditation, exercise some, and try deep breathing. This is the new, relaxed you.


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