Keto Options Chipotle and Chuys

Keto Options at Chipotle and Chuys


Chipotle’s™ Has a really  keto friendly menu. They keep their ingredients limited to only the freshest. And they don’t put anything in that is not essential to the recipe. No fillers or other bad things that we don’t like.

The menu was designed by a real chef who was interested in not only filling food, but texture and flavors.

You’ll never even miss the tortilla, there are so many flavors waiting for you.


Our Recommended Best Keto Choice at Chipotle:


Chicken, fajita vegetables, pico de gallo, Monterey jack

cheese, lettuce, cilantro, and guacamole , with tomatillo

green chili salsa over the top.


Meats for Low Carb Dieters at Chipotle:


Barbacoa beef



Cheeses to Stay Keto at Chipotle:

Monterey jack cheese


Keto Friendly Vegetables at Chipotle:

Romaine lettuce

Fajita vegetables



Pico de gallo


Ketosis Friendly Salsas at Chipotle:

Tomatillo green chili salsa

Tomatillo red chili salsa

Fresh tomato salsa


Beverages Options for Low Carb at Chipotle:


Unsweet tea


Order the burrito bowl with any combination of the above ingredients and you can keep going back again and again without repeating a meal.


Next in keto options at Chipotle and Chuy’s is….




Chuy’s makes every dish from scratch each day.


They use fresh, never frozen ingredients

Each location gets their produce fresh every morning.  They make multiple batches

of salsa per day, so that it’s always fresh. No canned ingredients are used in it.


They roast their own whole chicken in their ovens and pull the bones right there in the restaurant…every day.

Chuy's also have something very few restaurants have. Green chiles from Hatch Valley in New Mexico.  I’ve been going to New Mexico for 50 years, and the thing I look forward to most is the green chilis.

Hatch Valley has the perfect climate for growing the chilis. Chuys are so into their green chilis, they have a green chili festival every year during the harvest that goes on for 3 weeks!


Our Recommended Best Keto Choice at Chuy's:

Seasoned ground sirloin salad with lettuce, red cabbage, cilantro,

cheddar cheese, guacamole and Tex Mex sauce.


Meats to Stay Keto at Chuy’s

Grilled shrimp

Pulled white meat chicken

Seasoned ground sirloin



Chuy’s Cheeses That Keep You In Ketosis

Cheddar cheese


Vegetables at Chuy’s






Green bell pepper

Red bell pepper

Red cabbage


Keto Supporting Sauces at Chuy’s

Tex mex sauce

Tomato salsa

Green chili sauce

Boom boom sauce

Creamy jalapeno sauce



Chuy’s Beverages Ketosis Friendly


Unsweet tea

The keto options at Chipotle and Chuys are enough to keep you going for days. More keto on the go coming.

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