Keto at Cracker Barrel

Keto at Cracker Barrel


Yeah, I know. I also thought Cracker Barrel was all breaded, fried, southern comfort food.

Well, I was wrong.

The first thing you see when you go there is that they go to great lengths to make it into a fun country store.

The decorations are actual,real, and sometimes expensive, advertisement signs and other Americana. They are all real, which takes lots of time and dedication to finding them all.

You get a little history lesson along with your great meal. And the meal can be pretty darned great.

Cracker Barrel started in 1969 by Dan Evins. He was  a sales rep for the Shell Oil company. The idea was originally to have a restaurant and gift store by the gas station to improve gasoline sales.

But the idea became so popular that it became it’s own restaurant chain.

Their food is designed for flavor. Eating keto at Cracker Barrel is not only easy, it’s tasty. They have a great Keto menu.


Best Recommendation for a Keto meal at Cracker Barrel.


Secret! Well, not actually secret. It’s not on the menu anymore, but it’s still in the computer.

You have to tell the waiter it’ in there. If they can’t find it, ask for a senior staffer, or the manager. You get to play secret agent! You know something many of the waiters may not know.


The dish?

Low carb roast beef with grilled mushrooms and onions, boiled cabbage and broccoli on the side.


Meats that are Keto at Cracker Barrel


Lemon pepper grilled

rainbow trout (no seasoning)

Hamburger patty

Grilled sirloin steak

Hamburger steak with grilled

onion and mushroom

Low carb grilled roast beef

with onion and mushroom

(not on the public menu,

but still available on the secret menu)

Turkey (hold the  gravy)


Deviled eggs


Cheeses for Low Carb Diets at Cracker Barrel


Cheddar cheese


Cracker Barrel Vegetables that are Keto Friendly



Boiled cabbage







Ketosis Friendly Sauces at Cracker Barrel


Malt vinegar


Pepper vinegar


Low Carb Beverage Options at Cracker Barrel



Unsweet tea


Keto at Cracker Barrel is like shooting fish in a ……….. you know the rest. It’s America’s favorite place to loosen the belt a couple of notches.  Now when you are on the road, you always have a safe stop on your Keto journey.


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