Keto is famous for being a diet. But it would be better to look at it as a healthy lifestyle.

Some diets are just not good for you, and only work for a short time. Keto is how you eat for the long run, for your whole life.

Some people eat Keto just for the health benefits. They may not even need to lose weight.

There are two main reasons people get so healthy on Keto.

First, it is low carb, meaning low sugar.  People eat so much sugar, a lot of times without even knowing it. Sugar is put into processed foods so much, it has become normal and accepted.

After many years on a high carb/sugar diet, the body gets worn out from processing it all. The poor Pancreas gland pumps out insulin until it’s exhausted. Meanwhile, the cells of the body stop accepting the insulin, so the sugar stays in the blood.

This creates lots of problems, including a poor immune system, not to mention diabetes. A big majority of the people who died from the Covid-19 virus had high blood sugar. They couldn’t fight it. The parts of their system that fight infections was already worn out.

Yes, there’s more to it than that, but high blood sugar was a common denominator.

The second reason Keto makes you healthy: no grains.

As a side effect of lowering carbs, Keto warriors don’t eat any grains. It’s a good thing too.

All grains, not just wheat, have either gluten, or a part of the gluten protein. When the body sees any part of the gluten protein, it reacts as if the gluten is present.

There was a study done recently to find out how much of the population reacts badly to gluten. The result?  All of us. 100% of the population reacts to gluten with an inflammatory response. True, some people react a only small amount. But still, why eat something that does bad things to your body.

As a side note, wheat is mentioned in the Bible as the staff of life. That was actually true back when the Bible was written. But wheat has been genetically modified over the generations so that the gluten content is now 25 times higher! The old Biblical wheat just doesn’t exist anymore.

If you are more sensitive to gluten, you will have much more pronounced symptoms from eating grains. I get bloating immediately, and long term internal damage over time.

I was sick for 11 years. I had a wide range of symptoms. I would collapse for days to the point I couldn’t go out of the house. I had chronic fatigue. I had terrible anxiety, panic, and depression episodes because my body chemistry was so far out of balance.

My digestion would become like my enemy. Towards the end of this period, I was losing a pound a day!

Now here is where you stop me and say “That sounds awesome! Just what I’m trying to accomplish.”   Yeah, that’s not how it works. Losing weight like that is more like when you have cancer or something similar. It is not fun, or healthy.  I was on my way to dying.

When I was at my worst, I finally found a doctor who knew what was going on. She took me off all grains, soy, and dairy.

I immediately started getting better. It took a few years for me to get back to full strength and it wasn’t easy.

I was doing a version of the Keto diet before it was a thing.

These days, the Keto system is all laid out for us. People who do it regularly report that their doctors are amazed and astonished at their improvement. Their blood work changes for the better. They come off medications (with their doctor’s permission). They look and feel years younger.

Those are symptoms of good health, regardless of the number on the scale. Good health and a happy life is the real final goal here.

So enjoy the journey. Don’t get too hung up on the scale. Get free of  aches, pains, and unnecessary medications. That is what will make a great life.

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