Keto and Fatty Liver Problems


Please don’t get overexcited about this topic. It actually only affects a small number of people.


Medical Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and I am not a doctor. This is informational only. Please discuss and consult with your doctor anything you feel applies to you.


Low Carb and or Keto diets are well known to be super healthy and beneficial.


People with obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and even epilepsy have benefitted. Most people don’t know Keto was originally discovered as a help for epileptics back in the 1930’s.


For most people, keto improves all of the factors that might cause heart disease.


Occasionally, there are people who see their cholesterol go up instead of down.


Don’t get excited yet. There are different types of cholesterol, and the science is not totally settled on which types are good or bad.


I won’t get into the intimate details of cholesterol types, because that is for your doctor.


But, if you get a high cholesterol reading over time, then here are a few ways to see if you can bring them down.


Again, you and your doctor are in charge of this process. I’m only giving you ideas on how to help.


Some ideas to help with keto and fatty liver problems.


Medical Issues.


Medical issues don’t have to do with the diet, per se.


For instance, one of the causes of HC can be from an underperforming thyroid.


Another is the weight loss itself can cause blood levels of cholesterol to rise temporarily.

Especially if you are losing weight rapidly.  You might re-evaluate your cholesterol levels after your weight stabilizes.


Then there are the much more rare genetic situations. You can now easily be tested for genetics, and I recommend it for everyone. It lets you know what to look out for in your own health situation.


Ease Up On Saturated Fats


If you have a diet heavy in butter and coconut oil, try switching to olive oil for a time to see if that helps.


A high quality, virgin olive oil has many benefits for the heart beyond cholesterol levels. Give it a try.

Bulletproof Coffee Overuse


This is another source of saturated fats. Maybe leave it out for a while as you try to stabilize your levels.


Make Sure You Have Lots Of Fiber Rich Carbs


Only eat really high quality carbs, like leafy greens. The fiber helps with the cholesterol levels in the blood, and other things.


If you are in maintenance mode, rather than major weight loss mode, you could experiment with higher carb levels. Up to 100 grams a day can easily work if they are high quality vegetables, and you don’t overdo the calories elsewhere.


Normally Keto and fatty liver problems don’t go together. Keto usually makes that problem go away. It’s only rarely that cholesterol increases.


So don’t worry, be happy. Get your blood checked and keto on.


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Act! Don’t React!


Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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