Is Keto Healthy Long Term

Is Keto Healthy Long Term?


We all know Keto is the way to go for weight loss, and to correct many other health problems.

I maintain that one of the main reasons people feel better on Keto is leaving out grains. Grains have gluten. Even the ones they say are gluten free, have a portion of the gluten protein.

A large study showed that EVERYONE is sensitive to gluten. Some of us are only slightly sensitive, and others it’s a life and death situation.

But even if you are on the low end of the sensitivity scale, your body is constantly fighting the effects of gluten. It’s kind of like fighting a virus. Your body thinks the gluten is an invader, and not food. . And that is not good for you over time.

What about the other parts of the diet, like low carbs?  Well, low carb doesn’t mean ‘no’ carb.

And you can pack quite a punch with the carbs you do eat. Leafy greens, colorful bell peppers, strawberries and other berries, mushrooms, olives, colorful cabbages, asparagus, etc.  There is actually quite a large field of nutritious, good for you carbs.


You are Unique


You might have a genetic setup where you don’t convert fat well. Or, You might do incredible on the standard keto proportions, while your spouse has to do it differently.

That’s fine. That’s OK. Each person will be have their own way to make this work for them.

he thing is, everyone is different. And anyone can claim to know what is good for you. But unless they have seen your genetics and blood work, they can only talk in general terms.

You are going to have to figure out which parts of the Keto diet, or any diet for that matter, work for you.

You might do better with a little less protein, or a little more fat, than the person next to you.


Is Keto Healthy Long Term


If you are careful to balance your nutrition, with lots of green, red, yellow, and orange vegetables, you should be totally fine.

If you sit around and eat only fat bombs all day, you won’t be fine. You need to put different nutrients in your body to cover your bases.

If you are eating a lot of healthy vegetables in your diet, along with the protein and fat, you will probably be fine long term.

But remember, I don’t know you. I haven’t seen your genetics or blood work. So it is up to you.

Use you brain to figure out the good foods to put in your body. IE, “I know I need healthy veggies for their minerals and fiber”.


Start Being Sensitive to How You Feel


Use the way your body feels to adjust and fine tune your diet. Example “Everytime I eat X, I don’t feel that good after.”  You have to notice these things.  If you aren’t feeling good, try changing something.

It could be one of the things you are eating. Spinach might make you feel strange, while Swiss Chard doesn’t. You have to leave things out and put things in until you feel good.

One more thing. This advice is for people who have been on Keto for a while. When you first start you might go through some adjustment period where you don’t feel great. I’m talking long term here.

Is keto healthy long term?  I don’t see why not, as long as you do it right. Is eating a regular diet of white bread and high carbs healthy? NO. Unhealthy is everywhere. Keto is as good as any diet.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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