Is Keto a Dangerous Diet?

Is Keto a Dangerous Diet?

I read articles on the subject regularly.

I read one just today from Harvard Medical school. They say there ‘Can’ be problems with the keto diet.

Here’s the problem. At the end of the article, they state that the diet is low in fibrous foods like legumes and grains. To them, that’s a bad thing.

I spent 15 years in terrible health problems….from grains!  The gluten in grains to be more specific.

While the article is telling me how bad keto might be for me, they are saying I need the thing that almost killed me.

Therein lies the problem of one size fits all, or of listening to ‘experts’ on subjects that affect people in very different ways.


Peanuts are a good source of protein, but will kill you if you have a peanut allergy.


No one can give you a diet that will be good for every person. We have different genetic makeup. One person's nectar is another person's poison.

All we can go by is generally known things, then adapt them to our own bodies.

Eskimos have lived for centuries on a mainly blubber diet. They have virtually no heart disease.

Maybe we should ask them “is keto a dangerous diet?”

If you eat lots of carbs, AND lots of fats, you won’t be healthy. You could end up with fatty liver disease.

If you are on very low carbs, the fat becomes the thing that energizes your cells.


Everything is balance. The right amounts of each thing.


Keto is given as a starting point. You then have to adjust parts of it to your body and your genetics.

Some people actually need a little more carbs in their diet because of genetics. Their muscles will malfunction if they are too low on carbs.

But these adjustments to the diet are not usually time critical. In other words, you can go on a strict keto diet for a few weeks to see how you do (assuming your doc has cleared you for medical issues).

If your body is the type that needs more carbs, you can gradually add them back in. The body is flexible and will give you time to try things and experiment. You won’t keel over and pass out in 3 days if your carbs are a little low.


Give It A Try


So go ahead and try the keto diet. Let your body tell you what it needs. Learn to listen very carefully.

Experiment with different levels of the macros. You might need slightly more or less protein, or carbs, or fat. It’s your body, take responsibility for it.

The answer to the question, is keto a dangerous diet? Not if you know what’s going on and carefully keep tabs on how your body is responding.

Millions of people have benefited from it. It’s worth a try.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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