Get Your Family to Eat Keto

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Get Your Family to Eat Keto

Yesterday we gave some tips on how to get your family more involved with Keto.

Why?  Because it is good for them, and it will make your life about 9000% less complicated.

You will only have to plan for and cook single meals, instead of a whole meal for you, then another one for the family.


Persuasion is the key. We don’t want to drop it on them like a bomb. We want to make it sound fun, deilcious and exciting.

That way they will not only be able to go along with you, they might even get involved and enjoy the process.


First Things First


The first thing was to keep it light and positive, not a chore or a punishment.

Second, was to have keto versions of foods they already like and are used to. For instance, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and many desserts can be made keto easily.

Answer the question, “What can I eat?” in the most helpful way possible. Be ready with answers.

Instead of saying “You can never eat pizza again!”, maybe say “You can still have pizza, desserts, and all kinds of things. They will just be made a little differently with different ingredients.”


To get your family to eat keto, try to give them a feeling of being somewhat in charge, within certain limits. Most people, including kids, will buy in more to something if they feel like they have some control.

Maybe have family meal planning sessions. They will be part of the decisions, and less likely to rebel against choices they made.  It will even give them pride that they were part of the process.

Get them in on picking out meals for the week. Have them help with picking out recipes and planning the food buying.

Especially if you cook on one night for the whole week, then get them involved in prep. I’ll admit, smaller kids usually like this more, but that’s all up to you.


Be Flexible With Everyone Else’s Diet


You are the one on the diet. They will benefit by eating healthy with you. But if they are at school all day or out all day somewhere, they may not be able to stay on a strict keto diet.

That’s OK. The home part of their diet is healthy. They will get great benefit from that.

Talk about any benefits you are getting regularly. It will make them proud to be associated with you and feel they are part of it. “We are helping Mom get skinny/healthy!”  Let them know they had a lot to do with your success.

If they see results around them, it will give them a feeling of ownership and accomplishment. Those are really great for kids for any reason.  That reason enough to get your family to eat keto.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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