Help Your Family Eat Keto

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Help Your Family Eat Keto


If you are on the Keto diet and your family is not, all is not lost.

One of the biggest challenges to keto dieting for parents, is having to make multiple meals and different dishes. It makes life much easier to make one meal at a time.

If you think in terms of all or nothing, you may think there’s no way to bring your family along with you on your diet.

But there’s a big in between zone. If you make the food right, you could be in a position to make your keto dishes, and feed them to the whole family.

First, keep it light and positive.


If you start out the process with something like “We are going to eat Keto, and that’s final!”, you probably won’t get too far.

Try some education. Have a talk about it with the whole family present, and come prepared. Not with charts and graphs, but with BENEFITS.

Kids especially will probably not be so interested in the science. Some might, and that’s great.

But mostly they just need a cliff notes version of what’s happening.

Put it in terms they are familiar with. Focus on the positives of eating keto. It’s not punishment. It will reward you with feeling better and looking great.

The kids will look great for school, and very probably have increased levels of concentration. Something that will make their schoolwork easier? I don’t know about you, but that alone would have totally sold me on it as a kid.


Help your family eat keto by showing them version of their favorite foods


If you already have ‘Pizza Night’ on Thursday, then keep doing it. Get one of the many great keto pizza recipes and make it as a family. Make it into a fun event, where everyone has a part in it.

There are good keto crusts on the market that you can buy in the frozen section, including many Cauliflower crusts from different manufacturers.

For traditional dinners, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, look for substitutes like Mashed Cauliflower for mashed potatoes. Put enough butter on it and you will not care if it tastes a little different.

They Don’t Have To Be Full Time Keto


Also, when dealing with your family, they may not all need to be full time keto. They may be able to eat their normal diet at school lunch for instance, but still be completely OK with keto at home.

Your main goal is to have your household, kitchen, and fridge be keto. What goes on elsewhere is a distant second.

If you can help your family eat keto at home, that is a massive win for you. Always, always, the more simple your life is around your diet, the more likely you will succeed.

Educate them, make it fun, give them foods they are used to in keto form. It’s that simple.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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