Today’s story is about perseverance, the will to try every diet, and the fortitude to keep on trying even though NOTHING worked.

Here is her story.

“Being overweight has plagued me since I was 12 years old. My athletic sister had no troubles with this, nor did my brothers. I was always the one my family called “fat”.

If those extended family members had given my body time to mature, I probably would’ve been fine!  Since I’m sensitive in nature, I took this to heart. I looked up teen girls’ photos and portrayed them to motivate myself.

Browsing my aunt’s library, I found an exercise book. She gifted it. Exercising every morning before my family arose, and basically starving myself, I lost 30 pounds between 8th grade & Freshman year.

Since my mother worked, she had no idea that I wasn’t eating much.  I developed anorexia (two years of no menstrual cycle) and until I received counsel in college from a pastor, I struggled.

Food was truly necessary but seemed to be my enemy to being thin! It didn’t help that I was a majorette that required “weigh ins” weekly. We were given 3 pounds grace from our freshman weight, or we couldn’t twirl in the game that weekend!

I met my now husband with 1 semester left!  He loved me as I was! By this time, I developed hypoglycemia and would fall asleep easily on dates, forcing me to follow a hypoglycemic diet.

Fast forward to married life a year later, I had few problems even after 5 pregnancies, until menopause hit at 41.

The pounds packed on. With a low thyroid, I COULDN’T LOSE any weight.

I used: Atkins, South Beach, cabbage soup, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Advocare, Plexus, gym memberships & more, but nothing lasted!  Believe me, I was praying for an answer!

One day a friend, who knew of my frustration being overweight & defeated at age 64, convinced me to start Keto. My husband, retiring within 2 weeks, was supportive but made it clear he WOULDN’T be joining me.

I lost 28 pounds in about 7 months and felt better, but still wore a tight 14 or 16 jeans. The same friend, who looked amazing, told me about a special fast Keto method!  I was in if it could get me out of the 2 month stall!

On this Keto program, I’ve lost: 38.6 more lbs., 55.25”, 5 pant sizes, joint pain, inflammation, IBS, bloating & fatigue in less than 8 months!

I now wear dresses, skirts, XS shirts and 6 in pants!! With a newly gained confidence, I smile, feel prettier again, sleep better & have an amazing energy at age 65! I’m riding my bike, swimming, walking 5,000 + steps/day, tutoring kids & chasing our grandson!

I love not counting macros!! My husband decided to join the Keto program.  July 1:  lost 16.4 lbs., 16.5”, fatigue & no longer suffers from acid re-flux or constant joint pain in his hands!

Together, we are so thankful to have our life back and are so much healthier & happier thanks to this super special rapid Keto program! Family & friends are joining us on it, our new way of life!!”


That’s her story, and the system she used can be found at this website: .


If your story is anything like hers, there is no reason to keep going through torture. Get started today at


Act! Don’t React!

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