Gluten Free Keto Is Best

Gluten Free Keto Is Best

If you’re on the keto diet, you are already not eating most forms of gluten like regular pasta, bread, tortillas, cookies, etc.

All the normal things that people would miss so much that they can’t think of going gluten free are already gone.

All that’s left are a few sneaky things like soy sauce, which you can replace with coconut aminos.

Also look out for seasoning mixes, and especially don’t fall for seitan, which is low carb, but literally made of gluten.


Here are some reasons why gluten free keto is best, to stay gluten free as well as keto


1. It forces you to be super aware of hidden ingredients


With more and more premade keto products out there, some of the ingredients are inevitably not really good for keto.

Plus, there may be ingredients that are ok for keto in theory, but not great for your health.

A lot of new ketoists overdo the carbs, sometimes without realizing it because of hidden ingredients.


2. It will help with strange nagging health problems


Do you have strange random skin issues? Headaches? Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Unexplained low energy or fatigue?

I should know, I spent years with every changing, strange symptoms that no doctor could figure out. It was gluten (and soy). My life changed when I found out this simple thing.

When you stop gluten, you might still have bowel and digestive symptoms for days as the body detoxes. It may be one of the reasons newbies to keto sometimes have digestive issues at the beginning.


3.  It Supports Your Keto Goals


If you are on keto for weight loss, then you really need your digestive system to be working really well.

Being gluten free will really help that.

Are you doing keto just for health reasons?  Gluten is one of the greatest single causes of inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is suspect in many common heart problems, weight retention, joint pain, and almost everything else to do with pain in the body.  If you are suffering constant pain, at least try gluten free to see if it helps.


Gluten is not good for anything.


I was personally in terrible health for years from gluten. So yes, I talk about it a lot. It causes so much pain and misery and people have no idea why.

So watch out for gluten, even in your soy sauce. It will not help anything. Gluten Free Keto Is Best

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