5 Myths About Keto That Aren't True

5 Myths About Keto That Aren't True

There are some myths around the keto diet that you need to be aware of.  Keto takes a large amount of commitment.

So you don’t need to be fighting ideas that aren't’ even true.

Here are some of the top myths around Keto.


Myth 1. You Can Jump In and Out of The Keto Diet


You can’t treat this diet like a fad. It isn’t. It’s a serious change of how your body works.

If you go low carb on one day, then eat lots of carbs the next day, you won’t get any results.

In fact, you might create a liver problem if you switch between high fat, and high sugar foods. You could end up with a fatty liver.

Either be on keto, or off. There is not really a good in between.


Myth 2.  You Can Eat Endless Piles of Bacon In Vats of Butter


OK, that’s a little exaggeration. But people do get the impression there is no limit on the bacon.

Yes, you can eat some. And it is not frowned upon in keto.

But keto depends on the balance of macronutrients, protein, fats, and carbs. Also, saturated fats are not necessarily the best thing in large amounts.

Unsaturated fats, like  avocado and olive oils,  and nuts in moderation, are a better idea over a long period of time.

Myth 3.  Everyone Can Get By On The Same Amount of Carbs

People have different needs on the carb front. This is a genetic thing. If you start doing keto and you don’t feel better after a month or so, you might be one of these people.

In some people, the cells won’t work without a certain level of carbs in the diet.

Lower carbs mean faster weight loss, usually. For the long run, you might want to try higher levels than the fast weight loss level.  We recommend 20 grams a day for fast weight loss. But you could easily eat 50 or more once your weight is good. We are talking high quality carbs here, like leafy greens,  not bread or candy.


Myth 4. Keto is a High Protein Diet


Keto is a “Right Amount of Protein” diet. If you eat too much, it can convert into glucose in your system. Or it can create too many ketones, if you already have a lot of ketones in your system.

That can also lead to ketoacidosis, which is not good. Ketoacidosis is NOT ketosis. People get the two confused. We want to be in ketosis.

So if you are trying to be a muscle builder, this may not be your diet.


Myth 5. You Can’t Have Veggies or Fruit on Keto


Veggies and fruit are carbs. But they are the best possible form of carbs, especially vegetables.

If you don’t have vegetables for fiber, you will have big problems with digestion and bowel movements on keto.

Oddly, when you are doing a serious keto system with 20 grams of carbs per day, even eating more lettuce may slow your weight loss.

But don’t be fanatic, either way. If you need more roughage, then have more leafy greens in your diet. Even if it adds a few carbs.

There you have  5 Myths About Keto That Aren't True. Use this information for your benefit, and keto on.


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