3 Challenges for Women on Keto

 3 Challenges for Women on Keto – Pt 1

Men, this is not about you, but you might want to hear it anyway. For you ladies, there are things you need to know about the unique challenges you face.

It really helps to know why things are happening to you. Otherwise, we tend to go into self blame. That’s not a good place to go.   It doesn’t help anything, and usually ends up with comfort eating.

Rule # 1 in how your body works…..it’s not your fault.  It’s your responsibility to change it, but it’s not your fault.  You were either taught how to eat, or you have hormones that are urging you to eat.

If you can get  your body to balance nutritionally, it won’t demand constant food. That is the body’s way of trying to get what it needs.

Keto  & Special Problems For Women

Keto works slightly different for women than it does for men?

We are in the realm of body chemistry and psychology here. Women may be equal or superior to men in society, but in body chemistry they are quite different.


1st Challenge – Keto weight loss stalls


The first of the 3 challenges for women on Keto is  the dreaded weight loss ‘stall’. Women have this problem  much more often than men.

A weight loss stall is when you are cruising along losing a couple of pounds a week or whatever, then suddenly you stop losing.

There’s no reason you can see, it just stops.

Without going into the many reasons this can happen, here are 3 things to try if you want to break the stall.

Up Your Fats – Yum

  1. Up your fats. High quality only, meaning eggs, olive or avocado oil, butter, things like that.
  2. Add MCT oil. It turns directly into ketones in the blood, and helps your body make more.  More ketones tends to jump your metabolism into high gear.
  3. Do some intermittent fasting. This means fasting for a certain part of each day. It doesn’t mean you are giving up food for good.

The simplest form of intermittent fasting is to eat your last meal at night say around 6-8 pm, depending on when you go to bed.

It’s good to leave at least 4 hours for the food to leave your stomach before bed. Then your sleep will be much better, which will help you stay in ketosis.

Decide How Far to Go When You Wake Up

When you wake up in the morning, don’t eat. Maybe have coffee. Try to go as long as possible before you eat. If you can make it to lunch, you will see amazing things happen.

That equals a 12 to 16 hours fast every day, depending on when you eat. That will help you tremendously with stalls. As a side bonus, it will help your overall health tremendously.

That’s it for the first challenge.  Tomorrow, we will cover the rest of the 3 challenges for women on keto.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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