2 Top Reasons People Fail On Keto

2 Top Reasons People Fail On Keto

This is not only about whether you succeed or not, but also about getting out of weight loss stalls.

After all, getting weight loss to start happening is almost the same at the beginning of your diet as in the middle if you get stuck at a certain weight and can’t get moving again.

These two things are the are what you to do to break a stall, or to start losing weight.

Let’s do the fun one first.




Strangely enough, one of the hardest things for people to do is eat enough fats all the time on keto. Of the 2 top reasons people fail on keto, this is the strangest. You’ll see why in a moment.

Fats are fun. It’s pretty much what our bodies crave all the time. Ice cream, mayo, cream cheese, etc. are all attractive because of their fat content.

For some reason, people on keto will often start having more protein and less fat over time. It makes sense to us, because our muscles are protein and we think of ourselves as muscle over bones.


But protein is not always the answer.


Especially on Keto.

Keto is about the balance of the macronutrients. When they are in proportion, it all works.

When the body stops burning sugars in the blood, it starts burning fat. This is a great moment. It’s when the weight starts dropping off. It’s a Hallelujah moment. It is very exciting.

However, some people get the idea that since the body is burning up fat, they don’t need to add anymore in the diet. After all, if my body is burning fat, I want it to only be able to get that fat from my own flab.


That’s Not How It Works


They think if they add fat through food,  then the body will burn that and then they won’t lose weight.

Stop right there. That’s not how it works. The fats you eat play a vital role in getting your body to balance.

There are super important hormones that need the fats. There are processes in the body that need the dietary fats.

In fact, one of the techniques to break a weight loss stall is a 3 day fat splurge. You eat almost only fat for a couple of days to break your body out of it’s rut.

To sum up: Eat Fats. Eat enough fats. Eat the amount of fats that it says in the diet guidelines…about 70% to 80% of calories per day. Not less.


Reason Number 2


Of the 2 top reasons people fail on keto, this reason is not as fun. This is the one people have the most problems with at first.

Keep the Carbs under 25 g per day. If you really, really want to be sure of success, keep carbs under 20g per day.

That 5 grams can make a lot of difference. Of course you can experiment with all of it, including this number.

But we usually find that people having a problem have let their carbs slide too high, or their fat intake is off.  Keep a sharp eye on those two things, and you should snap right into ketosis.

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