There is a direct relationship between body fat and your immune system.

In the body, there are two main types of fat.  Superficial fat is what you see when you look in the mirror. It is the fat  under the skin. It’s’ those folds and love handles.

Visceral fat is inside the body, packed in and around the organs. The inside fat is the more problematic of the two when you are talking about the immune system.

Inside fat makes more of a certain type of immune cells that create more cytokines. Cytokines  make a lot of inflammation. You may have heard the term “Cytokine storm” in people who go on ventilators from the Covid 19 virus. Their own body creates a storm of inflammation to the point their lungs clog up and they can’t breathe.

When you get sick , your body makes what are called antibodies. This is what makes you immune to the flu after you have already had the flu. Visceral, or inside fat, seems to weaken the “memory” of your antibodies.  What does that mean?

Let’s say you get the flu, or even the Covid virus. Normally, your system will make antibodies which will then keep you from getting re-infected with the same virus.

When the memory of the antibodies is shortened, it can actually be possible that you can get the same virus again. This has happened during the Corona virus  outbreak. A few people went all the way through being sick, only to have had it flare up again.

The people this happened to are generally overweight, and have some kind of blood sugar problem…either diabetes or high blood sugar levels.

Extra fat around the mid section makes the body create a certain type of weak immune cells. That allows more inflammation. Inflammation by itself automatically weakens the immune system.

Inflammation by itself is part of the cause of insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome. Here’s how the metabolic syndrome works.

First, you eat bad, or unhealthy carbs, like sugar or highly refined carb based foods. That makes your body respond by making insulin. If you have insulin resistance, your cells don’t want to absorb the insulin.   That caused the sugars to turn into fat and store in your tissues as fat. Since you didn’t get the nutrients you needed from that type of food, you feel hungry too much and tired. It makes you want to eat again, and the cycle starts all over again.

Of course you know all about this cycle from your own experience, which is probably why you are interested in Keto to begin with. You’ve been there. You know what an awful feeling it is.

That’s why Keto can literally be a life saver. If you mix Keto with Intermittent Fasting, it will get rid of the internal, or visceral fat much faster.

When you listen to people who have stayed Keto for a while, you’ll notice they are usually tickled pink about their blood tests. Their doctors are usually shocked at how much their blood chemistry balances out toward normal and healthy.

So Keto diet with Intermittent Fasting is a sure fire way to help balance the body back to a healthy state, with a strong, healthy immune system.

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