Which Liquids Are Good For Keto Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to help your body get into ketosis.

I.M. is when you fast only part of a day, or even part of a week.

It gives your body a rest period to recuperate, and to dispose of toxins from the fat you are burning.

However, when you are fasting, it doesn’t mean to fast from liquids. We like to keep the body’s lymph system supplied with plenty of liquid so it can do it’s clean up job.

If you don’t have enough fluids and electrolytes, you can get what is called the Keto flu. You feel draggy, sluggish, out of sorts. Almost like you have the flu. It’s the same feeling you get from being dehydrated, except even worse.

On the other hand, we definitely don’t want any extra calories to mess up our weight loss plans.

So which liquids are good for keto fasting, or intermittent fasting?

Water. All you want.  However, all waters are not equal.  Do not drink distilled water! Distilled water has all minerals removed. Because of it’s molecular structure, water wants to have minerals in it so badly, that it will suck the existing minerals OUT of your body.

Either drink water that comes from a natural spring, or at least water that has minerals added back into it, like the popular drinking waters Dasani or Smart Water. That’s an expensive route though. At your grocery store, you should be able to buy spring water in gallons for a reasonable price.

You can add flavor drops to the water, like these Mio Brand flavor drops. Any of the brands will do. Many people find the flavor helps them drink more.

You can make regular or herbal tea. They can be helpful and add flavor for you. As with all these drinks, you can add non calorie sweeteners from the approved list.

If the weather is hot, make the tea ahead of time and put it in the fridge. Then you can have iced tea and sip on it. Very refreshing.

Coffee, plain. This can also be cold or hot, it doesn’t matter.

Bone, beef, or veggie broth. These are especially good for longer fasting periods, as they contain electrolytes and nutrients to help the body have energy.

Remember, on Keto we don’t mind the salt. It is the main electrolyte. So use it in food and drink to help keep your energy up.

Keep the liquids flowing, and your Keto confidence will keep growing. It makes everything smoother.

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