TGI Fridays Keto Menu


TGI Fridays Keto Menu


TGI Fridays keto menu is not bad. It’s not a paradise of low carb or anything, but not bad.

The restaurant came about because a man named Alan Stillman was just out of college and wanted to meet women. It was 1965.

He lived in a neighborhood in New York City that had a lot of flight attendants, models, and other eligible women. However, there was nowhere for them to come into contact. The bars were too masculine for the women to want to go there.

He wanted to create a “Cocktail Party” atmosphere, where people could have a relaxed time and get good food. Many say it was the first “singles bar”. He decorated it in a non threatening, fun decor so everyone could enjoy it.

The exterior had red and white stripes, and the interior had tiffany lamps.

The original restaurant became so popular that they had to install ropes for the lines waiting to get in. They were believed to be the first to have ‘Ladies Night’. Before them, young women had nowhere to go on a Friday night. Now they did, and they loved it. Alan finally got to meet women.

After a couple of years, the company started expanding all over the country. It has had it’s ups and downs, like all in the restaurant industry. But if you find yourself in one, you are covered for keto.


Best Choice on TGI Fridays Keto Menu


Filet steak un-marinated with broccoli on the side


TGI Fridays Keto Friendly Meats


Filet steak no marinade

Grilled chicken


Hamburger patty



TGI Fridays Low Carb Cheeses


American cheese

White cheddar cheese

Parmesan cheese

Sharp cheddar cheese

Romano cheese

Swiss cheese

Blue cheese

Mixed shredded cheese

Parmesan crisps


Vegetables at TGI Fridays for Keto Dieters






Pico di Gallo

Green onion


Red bell pepper




Green bell pepper


Low Carb Diet Sauces


Olive oil


Lemon wedges

Lime wedges


What You Can Drink at TGI Fridays on the Ketogenic Diet


Unsweet tea

Hot tea


Heavy cream



Thank Goodness for TGI Fridays keto menu.


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