I’m going to tell you a trick about a smart way to eat veggies on Keto.

Here’s the deal.  One of the big keys to success on Keto, is to eat the RIGHT vegetables.

The big problem people run into?  Veggies take a long time to clean, cut and prepare.

So here’s a big time saver idea for you:

Blend those veggies!!

That’s right. Blend them into a veggie smoothie.

You’ll save a bunch of time and get more micronutrients into your system this way.

There are bunches of really good  veggie smoothie recipes available out there online.

You will never be stuck for a great tasting way to get your daily portions in a great tasting form.

Start with a recipe you find online, then experiment with different versions of it. For instance, I can’t eat Kale because of my genetics. But I can eat Swiss Chard. So I would simply substitute the Chard for the Kale in a recipe.

OK, but what if you don’t really like veggie smoothies? Then what is the smart way to eat veggies on Keto?

The answer is simple. In fact it might be too simple, you’ll think I’m kidding.

The answer is to change your mindset. That’s right, don’t run away from  what you need, change how you relate to what you need.

That is totally within your power.

Would you rather eat snacks, ice cream, and popcorn?  Many of us would, of course.

But those foods are not cool, if we want to be healthy, slim, and trim.

When you start out each day, what is it we really want?

We say we want to be skinny, pretty, or this or that.

But what we mean is, we just want to feel good about ourselves. On every level.

You could actually be skinny, but feel terrible.

That’s no life. I’ve actually been there.

Let’s go for healthy, (which includes healthy weight), and happy, (which includes feeling good physically and mentally).

So change your mindset. The things that are good for you taste fine. You just have to give them a chance, look at them through different eyes.

Eat for health, not for disease. Eat to live, don’t live to eat….   With the smart way to eat veggies on Keto, you can move that way quickly.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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