Quiznos Keto

Quiznos Keto


Surprisingly, Quiznos Keto menu is fairly decent.  It’s not going to be your greatest meal ever, but in a pinch you will do fine.

Quiznos was started by Jimmy Lambatos in 1981 in Denver. He was a trained chef, who had run kitchens in large, established restaurants.


The one thing he had learned in his work, was that heating food brings out the flavor. So  Quiznos started the idea of heated sub sandwiches. They were a big hit, and the company started expanding nationwide.

Quiznos did eventually have some problems, and had to scale back the number of stores. They now have around 1,500 locations.

Either way, Quiznos keto menu is good enough for you to eat if you find yourself there.

They, along with many other restaurants, got aboard the quality train starting around 2012. People started demanding higher quality food, and they followed the trend.

They have several good protein items to eat, and plenty of veggies to create a bunless sub, or to make a protein salad.


Top Recommended Keto Friendly Meal at Quiznos


Italian melt made as a salad.  Add pepperoni, salami, capicola, banana peppers and black olives topped with melted cheddar cheese.


Keto Compatible Meats at Quiznos








Quiznos Keto Friendly Cheeses


Provolone cheese

Cheddar cheese

Swiss cheese


Vegetables at Quiznos for Low Carb Dieters


Spring salad mix

Black olives




Banana peppers


Green pepper





Keto Compatible Sauces at Quiznos


Red Wine Vinegar



Low Carb Beverages at Quiznos


Unsweetened Tea



Quiznos keto menu is definitely limited, but not a total loss. You can have quite a nice little lunch there if they are the only thing around.


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