Pre-empt keto problems.

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Pre-empt keto problems.

Prevent Keto Flu Other Fake Obstacles

The Keto diet is going to create a lot of change in the body. The body normally burns sugar for energy.  That’s because we keep feeding it sugar, or carbs that turn right into sugar.

For the body, sugar is the easiest thing to use for energy. Your body will always take the easiest way because it is designed to take the path of least resistance.

We have to make it find some other form of fuel, by starving it of sugar.

We make it burn fat instead, Now think of how different fat is from sugar. It would be like your car, which is used to burning gas, having to use whale oil all of a sudden.

There is a period where the body has to figure out the new system. It will go through a very different process to create energy.

The digestive system will work differently. The lymphatic system will have new and strange stuff to move out. You have taken away the body’s easy life burning sugar, and put it on a more challenging path. It will have to work for it’s food now.

There will be a tendency for the body to send you signals. “Hey, I’m not sure what to do with this new setup!”

If you know this ahead of time, you can prevent a lot…or all of it. You can Pre-empt keto problems.

Here are some of the common signals your body can send.


Sugar Craving


Brain Fog


Irritability for no reason whatsoever


Soreness in the muscles

Stomach Pains

Wandering mind.

Lousy Mental Focus

String several of these symptoms together and you have what is called Keto Flu.

You feel like you have a cold or flu, but you don’t.

It’s just your body not being totally adjusted.

Some of these symptoms may mean you are eating foods that don’t agree with you, and not related to Keto specifically.  Stomach pains, nausea, and even sugar cravings can be more related to the food, not the diet.

For instance, you might be eating lots of Avocado, then find when you leave them out, certain symptoms disappear. It’s a huge help to keep a food diary so you can start seeing patterns. If you have stomach pain, look at the diary and see what you had to eat. Sometimes that all it is.

The main cause of Keto flu when you start out on Keto, is that you will flush liquids, minerals, and electrolytes from the body. Rapidly.  Keto is a naturally diuretic diet.

Drink lots of fluids, with salt if possible. Broths are really good. Get a good electrolyte mix and use it a lot. Drink spring water if you can afford it. NOT distilled water.

You could even take a mineral supplement.

Today is how to Pre-empt keto problems.  Part 2 tomorrow – why Keto Flu affects everyone differently, or not at all.

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