PF Changs Keto

PF Chang's Keto


P.F. Chang’s is not fast food. It is more upscale, more for a nice lunch or business dinner. They serve Chinese and Americanized Asian food.

The  restaurant was started by two men in 1993. They sold the company for around $1 Billion in 2012! Not a bad little startup company.  There are now over 200 locations in at least 21 countries.

The stores have a unique atmosphere, and they really try hard to give you a memorable experience. The food is tasty, with a lot of thought put into the menu and execution of making the dishes.

As usual, the menu is full of non Keto stuff. Which is great when you are with other people who are not on the same diet.

They actually have a pretty decent selection of low carb choices. PF Chang's Keto menu can keep you coming back for many happy meals without repeating.

All our recommendations are based on strict keto. We don’t mess around with semi low carb. Although you do have to know your macros when you start ordering vegetables.


PF Chang's keto sauces? Trick question, there are none. All their sauces  contain sugar.


Order your dishes with no sauce. Ask that only ginger, salt, pepper, vinegar,olive oil, garlic, or truffle oil be used for seasonings.


Seaweed wraps are available instead of rice if you would like to order sushi.


Top Recommend Keto Choice at PF Chang's


Seabass seasoned with pepper,salt, and vinegar with a side of brussels sprouts, no glaze, topped with garlic and  truffle oil.


Full Low Carb Meals at PF Chang's


Spicy tuna seaweed roll (no rice, no spicy sriracha) add cucumber, avocado,

sub in the seaweed wrap

Lobster avocado seaweed roll (no rice, curry aioli) sub

seaweed wrap


Ahi poke bowl (no mango, mandarin vinaigrette, wonton


Keto Friendly Meats at PF Chang's


New York strip steak

Flank steak

Grilled shrimp

Sea bass

Grilled salmon

Un-marinated chicken



Vegetables For Keto Dieters at PF Chang's


Asian mushrooms (except for no shitake mushrooms)

Bok choy

Bell peppers



Fresh greens



Green onion

Romaine lettuce


Fresno peppers

Bean sprouts

Brussels sprouts (leave off the glaze)



Low Carb Compatible Seasonings



Olive oil

Truffle oil





To Drink:

Water or Unsweetened Tea


As you can see, PF Chang's Keto meals are plentiful and delicious. So relax, and enjoy your evening or lunch out with friends or family.


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