Penn Station Sub Keto

Penn Station Sub Keto


Penn Station's beginnings are humble. It started as a single sandwich shop, Jeffrey’s Deli. in Dayton OH.

On a trip to Philadelphia, Jeff was fascinated by the amount of love and loyalty he saw to the Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

He decided to bring the idea back and incorporate it into his menu. It was a big hit. Then he decided to try his hand at expanding.

He took the original concept to all his stores. The food was made right in front of the customer with only fresh ingredients.

The concept has worked until they now have over 310 restaurants in 15 states.

Sandwich shops can be a problem for Keto. The Penn Station Sub Keto menu is no different. Much of the menu is not for us, but there is enough to get a full meal, so it’s not a wasted trip.

Our Top Recommended Keto Compatible Meal at Penn Station Sub Keto

Bunless chicken breast Philly with grilled green peppers, sautéed onion, mushrooms and melted provolone cheese.

Keto Compatible Meats at Penn Station Subs

Chicken breast (hold the  seasoning)

Hard salami



Cheeses at Penn Station Subs That Are Low Carb

Provolone cheese

American cheese

Parmesan cheese

Swiss cheese


Vegetables for Keto Dieters at Penn Station Subs


Roma tomato

Sautéed onions


Banana peppers

Fresh green peppers

Artichoke hearts


Fresh mushrooms


Low Carb Sauces at Penn Station Subs


Red wine vinegar

Yellow mustard

Brown mustard

Olive oil


Spices for Low Carb Diets






Drinks That Are Low Carb Compatible



Unsweetened Tea


This information  could save you next time you are out and about. Watch for sauces and seasonings, and stick to the meats that have been cleared of all sugar charges.


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