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Pei Wei Keto Guide


Pei Wei keto is a little tricky, but doable.  The Pei Wei chain was the brainchild of the  P.F. Chang’s owners. P.F. Chang’s is upscale and more on the expensive side.  They wanted to serve the fast casual dining  trends in the market.


They have over 200 restaurants in several countries.


Pei Wei has a customer loyalty program, so you can earn points toward free food. They also have an app that allows you to pre order or to order take out. Apple pay is accepted there. You can order AND pay through the app.


Many of their items are premade, but they do allow you to order many things customized. You can add or leave out parts of your order.


That is very important in this case because their premade items are pretty much a non starter for low carb. At the time you order you must be pro active.


Make sure they do not use any of their sauces or seasonings on your food. They all have sugar.


Ask that all your food be seasoned with only salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar.


Top Keto Friendly Meal at Pei Wei


Grass fed steak with cauliflower rice on the side. Hold the sauce on the steak.


Pei Wei’s Low Carb Meat Choices


White meat chicken (hold the sauce)

Grass fed steak (no sauce)

Grilled shrimp (no sauce)


Keto Compatible Vegetables at Pei Wei


Cauliflower rice


Sautéed mushroom


Low Carb Sauce Choices at Pei Wei


Olive Oil


None of the their sauces are keto


Keto Diet Friendly Drinks


Tea (unsweetened)


Pei Wei keto food is there. You only need to be super careful of what they put on it.

Never fear, keto is near.


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