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Panera Bread Keto Menu


From Panera’s website: “Panera began in 1980 as a single, 400-square-foot cookie store in Boston, Massachusetts, and is now a leading restaurant brand with more than 2,300 bakery-cafes in the United States and Canada, 140,000 associates and annual systemwide sales in the billions.”


A fun fact about the name. Panera is a combination of the Italian words for bread (pane) and time (era).  They had bought the St. Louis Bread Company, renamed it and started expanding.


Do they have keto there. Luckily for us, yes. Though you will be surrounded by carbs, there are items on the menu to get us through the meal.


Your  Panera Bread Keto quest also supports a program to help feed those in need. It is called Day-End-Dough Nation. They give all the left over bread for the day to local charities. That’s actually hard to do because of health department red tape. They have to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to give their bread to the needy. So if you like to support community minded companies, these people are right up there.


Our Top Keto Friendly Meal at Panera Bread


Sliced beef sirloin tip and eggs with avocado, red bell pepper and cherry tomato topped with cheddar cheese.


Keto Compatible Meats at Panera Bread


Sliced beef sirloin tip



Egg whites


Panera Bread Cheeses fit for Low Carb


Swiss cheese

Cheddar cheese

Emmental cheese

White cheddar cheese

Smoked gouda

Feta cheese


Vegetables at Panera Bread for the Ketogenic Diet


Cherry tomato


Mediterranean veggies

Red bell pepper




Kalamata olives

Romaine lettuce





Fruit That Is Low Carb Compatible




What to Drink for Keto at Panera Bread



Iced coffee


Unsweet tea

Any hot tea without fruit


The Panera Bread Keto menu is varied enough to eat there several times without repeating. And it never hurts to support a company that does so much for the local community.


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