Act, don’t react. I say it at the end of every message.

You can sit by the lake and wait for something to happen. Something will happen.

A bird will fly over and make a deposit right on your head.

Here’s an experiment.  Get out a picture puzzle and spread the pieces all over the card table. Then sit and watch them. Think really hard about where each piece is supposed to go. Then wish real hard that the puzzle will finish itself.

What will happen? NOTHING!  Of course nothing will happen, how could it?

That’s ridiculous, right? But that’s how most people go about their food intake and weight control. No planning and no doing. Just cruise along as a prisoner of habits.

You’ve heard the old joke, “I’m on a Seafood diet. Whenever I see food, I eat it!”

If you are not planning, shopping, then preparing your week’s food, what is going to happen? Whatever your eye falls on, you will grab for it. Your diet will be a “See Food” diet.

But if you get up and act, or I might even say attack, then you take control.

Act, don’t react.

If you sit and wait, old feelings of failure and inadequacy well up. Those feelings cause you to react by comfort eating.

If you act, those feelings will have to wait, because you are mentally and physically engaged. You will have control.

Act, don’t sit and wait while you are drowning in old feelings and pain. Right now…START.

Start planning. Start reading. Start DOING the thing that will get you where you want to be. Plan tonight to start the diet tomorrow.

If you don’t know how to plan a Keto system, or don’t think you can figure it out, or don’t have time, then don’t worry.

We have a complete system all put together for you. It lays out every meal. It tells you what to substitute if there are ingredients you can’t have or don’t want. It gives you the recipes for the meals.

It even includes a shopping list!  You don’t have to do anything but read it and start. I don’t know what else I can do for you besides coming to your house and doing it for you.

Does it cost anything? Yes, a few bucks, but there’s a 90 day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. (Remember, if something is “free”, then YOU are the product.)

We spend months putting this together. And it has been refined over time to near perfection. Do you have  hours, days, and weeks to figure it all out? Do you even want to spend you time doing that? Or would you rather spend your time losing weight?

But more than how much time it will save, it will allow you to start, today,  instead of calculating, figuring, dithering. How soon do you want to look and feel amazing?

Thousands have used it and thousands have had incredible, life changing results. You can read their stories and see their pictures at the website. Of course it’s free to take a look, so do yourself a favor.

Go to  and check it out.

If you like these tips and would like to get more tips, endless recipes, and lots of inspiration, then come to our free website and sign up for our mailing list. .

Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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