Keto Tips I Wish I Knew at First pt 3

1. Take progress photos and measurements.

Weight loss is a weird thing.

There are a bunch of variables in your day to day weight.  It can vary for a bunch of reasons.

How much water have you consumed?  Women especially hold water certain times of the month.

How much food is still in your digestive system?

How much  stress are you under.  Do certain foods make you bloat or hold water.

If you rely only on the scale, you will get really bad input during the Keto process. A very common situation is your weight may be steady while at the same time your measurements are going down.

You can be losing inches but not weight because your body is replacing loose, jiggly fat with firm muscle. Muscle weighs more, so bring it on.

So be sure to take “before” and “after” photos. Don’t be over anxious and take them daily. That will drive you nuts. Weekly is good.

Then take measurements weekly. At first, experiment with taking the measurements at different times of day. Maybe when you first wake up.

Tip: if you get a metric tape measure, you can measure in centimeters. It will show your progress faster.

You can’t usually see daily progress in the mirror. With the measurements and pictures, you will be able to look back and stay motivated by your progress.

2. Keep Calm and Keto On (KCKO)!

This is a popular saying in the Keto world.

It means “Life Happens”.  Getting caught out of the house without your meals. Social situations where ther is pressure to eat or drink. Your own backslides, or cheats. Unrelated health problems. Progress stalls that make you want to give up.

Your weight journey won’t be a nice neat straight line. But the overall direction of your weight and health will be good as long as you keep going. No matter what, just keep at it. It is working, and you will get there.

Keto works. If you work it, it will work for you.

You got this.

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Act, don’t react.

Have a Healthy, Happy Day




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