KETO Abbreviations

Keto has it’s own lingo, like any lifestyle. If you join our Facebrook Group, you will see these abbreviations used and it can be confusing.

So here is your guide to the secret, inside lingo of Keto.

NSV – Non-scale Victory.  This is one of the most common. It refers to when you have other milestones on your journey to health that don’t refer to weight.

You might lose inches off your arms or waist, but still weigh the same. That’s still a really big deal. It’s the moment you discover that weight isn’t everything. That’s a time to celebrate an NSV. You might visit the doctor and be told your blood work has improved a lot! NSV.  These NSV’s  are very important to keep your spirits up while you go through this journey.

WOE – Way of Eating. Like “way of life”. Many don’t refer to Keto as a diet, they say, Way of Eating.  If you treat Keto like a way of life, and not a temporary diet, you set yourself up for a lifetime of good health and weight balance.

BPC – Bullet Proof Coffee – This is a very popular coffee mixture that has coffee and MCT oil from coconuts. The coffee/caffeine seems to act like a delivery agent to carry the fatty acids in the MCT oil to the brain.  It is a brand name you can buy already  made, or you can make your own.

MCT – Medium Chain Triglycerides –  I highly recommend Bullet Proof  brand “Brain Octane” for your MCT oil. Cheaper MCT oils can cause digestive problems if you take too much.

HWC – Heavy Whipping Cream – This is the type of cream you want if you can get it. Or full fat cream. Not low fat.

BS – Blood Sugar

BG – Blood Glucose – Referring to  blood work results, blood glucose levels.

MFP – My Fitness Pal – This is an app that helps you figure out your macros. It tells you the break down of each food – carbs, fats, protein

MFP – Meat Fish Poultry.   Ok, they are the same initials, but you’ll be able to tell which one they are talking about by what the context is.

LCHF – Low Carb High Fat – General description of the type of diet that Keto is. The Atkins diet is also under this description.

ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar

WTG – Way to go –  Used to support each other as we make our progress and hit our goals.

AIP – Autoimmune Protocol – One of the side effects of the Keto diet is that it helps with autoimmune problems. There are several reasons for this. In my opinion, just getting people off of wheat and other grains is a huge reason for this effect.

OMAD – One Meal a Day – This is one of the possible ways to do Intermittent Fasting. There are many eating patterns you can use. This one will usually get you off of a weight loss pause, or stall. Some may replace another meal with Bullet Proof Coffee.

That’s it.

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