Keto Cook Ahead

Keto is totally amazing. Weight loss that really works. Fat that really melts away.

No, seriously. Your fat literally melts as your body consumes it for energy.

The best part of all? It can be sustained.

You’ve tried diet after diet. Many were really hard to do.

Then to top it all off, the minute you stopped the pounds came right back, and brought their cousins with them!  Now you are worse off than when you started.

Because of the way Keto works, it seems like magic when it is done properly.

There's a Big No No

But there is one thing you cannot do on Keto….cheat.

It’s kind of like going for a walk. If you don’t really care where you end up, you can wander around anywhere. Off the path, on the path, off the road, on the road.

But if you want to get to a certain place on time, you have to go straight on the right road. If you go off road, you will end up somewhere else entirely.

The body needs certain nutrients in a certain balance to stay in ketosis.  If you don’t have the right food handy when you need it, you are much more likely to grab something. That something may not be Keto balanced.

Keto Cook Ahead, or Batch Cooking

So I recommend what’s called Batch Cooking. This is where you cook or prep for several days, or even a week in advance. Plan your meals so that they can be frozen or otherwise kept ready for when needed.

You will be amazed at how much less you have to depend on willpower. Don’t wear out your willpower on dumb things. If you have to look in the fridge and figure out what to eat for every meal, the little devil on your shoulder has more chance to whisper in your ear.

But if the meals are done and ready to go, all you do is grab and eat. No willpower required.

It actually takes less time overall. When you gather your ingredients together and get a week’s worth done at once, you probably save a couple hours over the week.

This is called creating a supportive environment. Keto cook ahead. I call it creating a Keto Paradise.  It is smart and simplifies your life in ways you will love.

It makes the day to day job of staying in Ketosis almost effortless.


Luckily for you, my website has tons of recipes for free that can get you started and keep you going. We also have a way to get a complete keto diet plan done for you. Please visit us at


Have Healthy, Happy Day!



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