Keto Childhood Weight Struggles Overcome!

Weight Struggles Since She Was 7

Today I have another story of pain and perseverance. Keto saved her, and here’s her story:


My horrible relationship with my weight started at 7years old when another kid at the pool told me I was too fat to be wearing a bikini.

I remember that sting like it was yesterday.

From there, my mother signed me up for Jenny Craig at 8 years old.  From a young age I had it in my head that I was fat, disgusting, something was wrong with me.  I was always told how beautiful I was, BUT I'd be more beautiful if i'd just lost the weight.

Every day, every moment since I was 7 years old I had that thought in my head, I need to be thinner.  It followed me through middle school, the anxiety so bad that I never went to school.  I didn't want to be known as the fat girl.

My parents would put me on these strict fad diets.

I'd lose a few pounds then gain them right back.

In high school it became a huge problem. I wanted to be accepted, wanted to be popular and I desperately wanted to be asked out and to dances. In my head it was my weight holding me back. It was a vicious cycle or emotional eating. I'd eat because I was horribly depressed but I was depressed because I was eating uncontrollably.

This spiraled into a massive eating disorder, bulimia.  I could still eat as much as I wanted to comfort myself, without gaining the weight.  Soon, I lost the weight and got the attention I wanted.  I started getting more confidence which fed into the disorder even more.

Luckily, I was able to get help and stop.  I also ended up gaining all the weight back.

From then through my twenties it was a cycle of fad diets and quick weight loss.  I NEVER had the will power to stick with anything.  Food had a horrible hold over me and I could not get away from it.


That is until I found this Keto program.


I had been doing keto for about 6 months with some success, but felt I needed a little more structure.  Never did I ever think I would be able to stick with it.


Not only did I stick with it, I killed it!


I may have not lost the most amount of weight or inches, but what I gained means so much more to me.  Now,  I have will power, I have a new relationship with food.  I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to.  I am strong!  Most important, I learned I need food for survival, not to make me happy.


I am so grateful for this program.


Keto beats childhood weight struggles, it's that simple…..if you can stick to it. We give you a simple way to do that.

If this sounds anything like you, please take the time right now to take a look at this website. https: . There you will see more stories of triumph and success. By people just like you. Not celebrities with cooks, but regular people.

You can do it, you just need a little help. You are not alone.

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