Keto at Red Robin

Getting your keto at Red Robin is a breeze. Red Robin has been voted America’s best family restaurant. That makes it a good choice when everyone wants to go out to lunch or dinner.

It actually started way back in the 1940’s as Sam’s Tavern. The owner Sam, who was in a barbershop quartet, was known to sing “When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along”.

Eventually, he loves the song so much, he decides to rename the Tavern to Sam’s Red Robin. In the 1960’s,  they turned the tavern into the first Red Robin restaurant.

The gourmet burgers are introduced in 1973. It is a huge smash with the public. Two of the regular customers like it so much that they decide to become the first franchise operators.

Keto at Red Robin was made a lot easier when they made their app available. You can order your food custom made online, then pick it up. Ideal for us low carb dieters.

A Full list of which menu items are low carb at Red Robin.

Top Keto Friendly Meal Choice at Red Robin

Tuscan salmon seasoned with salt and pepper with steamed broccoli on the side.

Low Carb Compatible Meats at Red Robin

Hamburger patty (HOLD the seasoning blend)

Tuscan salmon (HOLD the seasoning blend)

Fried egg

Cheeses at Red Robin for Keto Dieters

Blue cheese

Cheddar cheese

Swiss cheese

Red Robin Keto Friendly Vegetables

Steamed broccoli



Sautéed mushroom (no seasoning)

Fresh onion


Mixed greens

Bottomless house salad

Sauces for Your Ketogenic Diet




To Drink:


Unsweetened Tea

Red Robin has consistently been voted a top place to work. Happy workers usually means a happier experience of  keto .

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