Keto at Red Lobster


Luckily, staying Keto at Red Lobster is a breeze… an ocean breeze!


Our Top Keto Friendly Meal at Red Lobster


Snow crab legs with clarified butter and broccoli on the side.


Best Low Carb Friendly Meats at Red Lobster


Fresh Atlantic salmon

Oven broiled white fish

Main lobster tail

North American snow crab legs



Vegetables for Low Carb Dieters at Red Lobster




Side salad (hold the croutons)




Keto Friendly Sauces



Lemon Wedges



Keto Fit Drinks



Unsweetened Tea


Keto at Red Lobster is easy if you watch out for the croutons.

Red Lobster was first opened in Lakeland Florida by two partners.  It was originally billed as a “Harbor for Seafood Lovers”. The idea of fresh lobster caught on, and they soon opened four others in the Southeast U.S.  General Mills bought the company in 1970 and they expanded rapidly after that.


Their claim to fame is that they only serve wild caught lobster, not farmed. That is quite a feat considering they have over 700 locations worldwide.


They partner up with various fishing communities, and through that are committed to sustainability and conserving the environment where their lobster live.


In 2009, Red Lobster introduced a new style of building modeled after the popular coastal New England architecture.  The new features include shingle and stone towers,signal flags, and Adirondack-style benches. Inside, they went to dark wood paneling, softer lighting, warm-toned fabrics, and a more nautical decor and artwork.


Keeping Keto at Red Lobster and having a great meal go together. Just hold the croutons.


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