Keto at Denny's

Keto at Denny's

We don’t think of Denny’s as a great destination restaurant. And truthfully it’s not. But there are many times when it might be the only thing going.

Or times when you just need to feed a bunch of people cheap. And still have variety available for different diet needs.

And they do have enough menu items so you will be easily able to stay keto at Denny’s.

Denny’s was started by two guys. Neither one was named Denny. It was Originally called Danny’s, but neither guy was named Danny either.

But either way,  it was started in 1953 and grew to be one of the most well known and popular restaurants in America over time.

Denny's is known for always being open and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the clock. Denny's does not close on holidays and nights, except where required by law.

Except one time,

There was one time that all but 6 stores closed on Christmas. They found that since they stayed open 24 hours every day, many of the  stores were built without locks on the front door! They had to use chains to lock them.

A lot of the restaurants are located in close proximity to freeway exits and bars. You also find them in-service areas where workers can get a good cheap meal.

Denny's started franchising in 1963, and most Denny's restaurants are now franchise operations.

The good news is that they have several meat options that are not pre marinated, and are mostly sugar and grain free.


Our top suggested meal to stay keto at Denny’s?


Grilled chicken and vegetable skillet with broccoli, zucchini, mushroom and onion topped with melted cheddar cheese.


Meats that are Keto Kosher at Denny’s

Grilled chicken

Wild Alaska salmon

Sirloin steak

Hamburger patty

Grilled haddock




Veggies at Denny’s for Low Carb










Lemon wedges


Sauces that Will Keep You in Ketosis at Denny’s





Drinks for Low Carb Diets at Denny’s



Unsweetened Tea

Coffee and Heavy Cream

All in all, staying keto at Denny’s is not only easy, it might be fun. That’s quite a menu selection.

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