Keto at Chili's 2020

 Keto at Chili's 2020

Chili’s has become maybe the most popular Tex Mex restaurant chain in the world.

Chili's first location was a converted post office on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas, opened in 1975.

They are in 32 countries and expanding all the time. Next they will move into Asia.

They have quite a selection, and would be a great place to go with friends. Everyone on every diet can find something to eat there, while you happily Keto On!

Mexican food turns out to be a great match for keto, once you leave out the tortillas that is.

The fajitas are really good, but only the steak and shrimp versions.

Unfortunately the chicken contains sugar in the marinade and can’t be ordered without it.

Here is our top recommended dish to stay Keto at Chili’s in 2020:

Shrimp fajita meat and vegetables topped with shredded

cheese, cilantro and pico de gallo.

Chili's Meats For Low Carb Dieters

Steak (all cuts are good)

Bone in wings (hold the sauce)

Smoked brisket

Hamburger patty

Grilled salmon (hold the sauce)

Smoked sausage

Shrimp fajita meat and vegetables (hold the rice, beans, tortillas)

Seared shrimp (hold the seasoning)

Grilled chicken

Steak fajita meat and vegetables (hold the rice, beans, tortillas)

Santa Fe chicken salad, substitute olive oil and vinegar for the dressing. No tortilla strips.


Cheeses Friendly to Ketosis at Chili's

Pepper jack cheese

Swiss cheese

Cheddar cheese


Keto Friendly Veggies at Chili's

Grilled mushroom


Red onion




Spring mix



Pico de gallo



Lemon wedges


Sauces To Stay Keto at Chili's








What to Drink at Chili's That is Keto Friendly


Unsweet tea


Chili’s can keep you happy for many return visits with all the possible combinations.

Go out into the food world and be fearless. Keto at Chili’s in 2020 is a thoroughly enjoyable Keto experience.

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